A well designed and easy-to-use sync program.

Our Score

License Free (Open source)
Very easy to understand and use, clear and informative interface.
Very few filter options, no ftp, no auto sync, very sparse help.

FreeFileSync is a solid contender as a folder comparison and synchronization software product to create and manage backup copies of your files. The thing I like the best with this utility is its very clear and informative interface.

The preview is very easy to understand, and file collisions and deletions are more readily recognizable than many other sync programs. If you require a sync program that can copy files that are in use or locked, FreeFileSync has you covered there too!

Unfortunately it only has very basic filters, no auto sync feature, and no direct support for FTP. My final complaint would be that its help file is a little sparse. Those few flaws aside, I found it to be well designed and easy to use.

The standard version of FreeFileSync is supported with ads during installation. However, it is good enough for average users to sync files and folders with no limits.

The donation version is ad-free with bonus features, such as parallel file copy, auto-updater and allows for portable installation on memory sticks or external hard drives.

One thought on “FreeFileSync

  • 2021-09-14 at 16:45

    Compared to SyncFolders? Which I find to be one of my best, and it is portable too.


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