Free Utility Makes Working With CSV Files Easy


CSV and similar files are common but awkward to work with. CSVed is a free program that allows you to edit, merge and convert these files with ease.

CSVEd - a CSV Editor












CSV stands for Comma Separated Values and the name pretty well says it all.  Here is a typical example of a CSV data set:,bill,jones,joe,bloggs,tom,smith

The comma acts as a separator between the data values however any separator could be used including a comma, colon, semi-colon, a space or a vertical bar (|).

Most users have encountered CSV files when working with spreadsheets but they are commonly encountered in other applications as well. That's because CSV files are a format recognized by many different programs and so can be used to exchange data between programs.  Often they are the only way to exchange data between programs.

Although CSV files are useful as a common denominator they are a true pain to work with. CSVed is a wonderful little utility that eases that pain somewhat. Here's what it can do:

· edit, add, insert and delete items
· import
· change separator
· add, delete columns
· rearrange column order
· save selection of rows and columns
· save filtered items
· save with double quotes
· search and replace
· filter items
· remove duplicates
· append and merge files
· add prefix and suffix
· split and join columns
· export to HTML, Excel, Word, XML and more
· column search
· column sort and global sort

CSVed is such a powerful utility it takes a little while to learn and make best use of all its features. Once you do, you will be richly rewarded.

This is ultimately a specialist utility that you will need only occasionally but when you need it you will be thankful you have it available. 

The good news is there is a portable version so you can just run it from the .exe file whenever you need it without cluttering up your PC.  Definitely one for your toolkit. (630KB for portable version)



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