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This is a listing of 14 sites that legally offer free travel audiobooks online.

There is also a listing here at Gizmo's Freeware of written materials in this genre at  

All of these sites listed have content that is legal for them to distribute and for you to read and/or download..  If you find that any site listed is offering content that can not be legally transferred, please let me know in the comments below.

This list is not comprehensive and if you know of any other sites please post in the comments below or at our forums.

Most entries at those sites that offer only online listening or viewing can be downloaded with VideoCacheView.  Thanks to AJNorth for this tip.

A comprehensive alphabetical listing of free books for reading or listening can be found on these pages:

For a complete listing of the free ebook pages here at Gizmo's, see

Libraries are also an excellent source for reading and listening materials for this genre.  To find out more information on your local library, the links here may help:  Library Information

Free Travel Audiobooks

Ambling Books has 55 free audiobooks in its Travel category.  All appear to be unabridged versions.  This is generally a pay site and free registration is required to download.  Also, their "book player" needs to be downloaded to listen.  Still this is a very nice collection with some unique entries.

Audissey Guides   offers free video and audio guides for select dities in the USA and Canada.  Free download in M4a or MP3 (zipped) without registration.

Capital Region USA has 7 free audio tour guides for Washington DC USA and the nearby areas of Virgina and Annapolis, Maryland.

Classicly offers some free travel audiobooks for download in MP3.  Some are classic fiction, but others are non-fiction.  you have to scroll over book names in the introductory paragraphs to find the books, though some are listed.  Thanks to Tyler G for this suggestion.

Italy Guides  offers a large collection of free audio guides for locations within Italy.  All are available for free download in  MP3 without registration.

LearnOutLoud has 7 free audio books under its Travel category.  They are available in different ways, including online listening, MP3 or MP4 as many link to other sites.  Also, some video files here.

LibriVox has 52 free audio books under its Travel genre available for download in MP3 (64kb/128kb) or ogg vorbis.  All are human read. 

London Gardens Trust has 2 free audio guides "to London's green heritage" available for free listening online or free download in MP3 ithout registration.

MarkMoxonTravelWriting a nice little collection of Mark Moxon's travel writings available for download in MP3 or AAC.

Memoryscape Audio Walks has 5 free guided audio walks along the river Thames available for free download in MP3 without registration.

Open Culture has links to 20 free travel podcasts at iTunes in its article, Turn Your iPod into a Travel Guide.

Rick Steve's Audio Walking Tours  a nice collecton of free MP3 downloads for various cities throughout Europe.

The Guardian  offers a number of short free audio guides for cities around the globe.

Travel On YouTube  a listing of the travel channels at YouTube for free viewing and listening online without registration.


If you know of a site that may be added to the listings, please post in the comments for the page.

I hope you enjoy the free material available through these sites.

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