A powerful and time-proven RSS feed reader with a well-thought-out user interface.

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Our Score
License Free
Link http://www.feeddemon.com/
A power-user’s dream yet intuitive enough for intermediate level users; handles feeds with attachments, like podcasts, very well; supports secure feeds that require a username and password.
Perhaps a bit complex for a neophyte user.

FeedDemon is a powerful, time-proven program with a well-thought-out user interface. It can be intimidating to new RSS users, but most are able to learn to use FeedDemon fairly quickly.

For a quick installation, choose the recommended Express Setup. Answer ‘Yes’ to provide some default subscriptions to get you started with ease. It will then add a number of subscriptions nicely categorized in folders such as Bloggers, Comics, Daily, Entertainment and more.

After installation, you can easily choose to unsubscribe the default subscriptions that you don’t need, just with a right-click on an RSS feed item or a folder containing the feeds.

To subscribe a news feed, enter a feed URL, or type a keyword to subscribe to a search feed that contains articles from all over the Web.

In addition, you can subscribe to audio podcasts and play them directly from FeedDemon. FeedDemon also handles secure feeds; those that require a username and password.

Even though the development of FeedDemon has been discontinued, it is still downloadable from the official website and will continue to work. Nick Bradbury, the developer of the software, has released a last, free version of FeedDemon Pro. You may still be able to create a portable version of FeedDemon.

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