How to Edit Articles on this Site


Have Your Say

This is a community-based site, and we encourage users to help improve the quality by fixing errors in existing reviews and adding worthy products that have been omitted.

So what can you fix? Well anything really, but in particular:

  • Spelling errors
  • Grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Layout problems
  • Broken or incorrect web links
  • Problems with, or limitations in, products and services
  • Additional products or websites that should be included

Register First

You must first register at this site to edit content.  This is to ensure you are a real person at a real email address.

You can register by selecting "Create new account" from the sidebar on the left side of the screen.

The only information requested for registration is a username of your choosing, your email address, and optionally your real name. We do not disclose your email address or real name on this site, or to third parties. It is confidential. See our privacy policy for details.

Registration is immediate. Once you have completed and submitted the registration details, you can edit content straight-away. 

How to Edit Articles

As soon as you login as a registered user you'll notice new options from the navigation menu and other parts of the site not visible to unregistered users.

In particular, if you browse to any article you will notice three new options to the right of the Article title.  These are "View", "Edit", and "Revisions."

"Edit" opens the article in a WYSIWYG editor. This allows you to add to or alter the article in whatever manner you wish. Use this option to make your changes.

To format your contribution you can make full use of the Microsoft Word style formatting toolbar. You can get  some tips for using the HTML editor here though be aware some editor features are only available to site editors and category editors.

When you have made the changes you want, please leave a note in the box below called "Log message" explaining to the site editor the changes you have made.  The clearer you state these changes the quicker your contribution will get approved and be published. Here are some appropriate comments:

  • "Added period to second paragraph"
  • "Toned down glowing references to  Euling Cleaner  as I have had problems with this product"
  • "Fixed broken link to Mozilla"
  • "Changed para 3 to read more clearly"
  • "Added EasyCleaner as another excellent option"

When you have completed adding messages to the log window, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit."

Your edited version of the article will be automatically submitted to a site editor for approval. If approved, it's automatically displayed on the site.

Approval may take anything from a few hours to a few days  depending on how busy the site editors are.

Conditions of Use

1. In contributing  material to this site you warrant that the contributed material is your own and not in breach of another author's copyright.

2. You assign to this site free, perpetual license to use your contributed material on this site or its successors.

3. Commercial plugs and blatant site link-building will result in your material being rejected.

4. The use of foul, libelous,  blasphemous, or personally insulting language will result in your contribution being rejected and, in the worst case, you being de-registered and banned from the site.

5. Site Editors may accept, reject or modify your material at their discretion. However, if you disagree with their decision you can always appeal to Gizmo whose decision is final. Gizmo can be contacted using the "Contact this site" option in the left sidebar.