Duplicate Cleaner Free

A fast duplicate file cleaner in a streamlined user interface.

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Our Score
License Free (Limited features)
Link Duplicate Cleaner Free
Fast scan, selection assistant, music search mode.
Limited features in the free version. The latest version is not free.

This is an example of why you may require duplicate file software: you have 50 duplicates and you need to decide what to do with each file, but what you get are 50 pop-ups, one for every file. Duplicate Cleaner Free has a very streamlined user interface divided into tabs. The scanning job sequentially progresses to the next tab. It also scans for files matching their CRC checksums. Scanning is very fast in comparison to Clone Spy.

Scan results are shown as a list in the results tab, where you can select any file by looking at its name, size, date, location, or use “Selection Assistant”.

The Selection Assistant selects files by date, smaller/greater size, or by having a specific string in file name/file path. It offers image preview of common image formats, and has a music search mode which can involve bit rate and size. It can also create hard links of the deleted duplicate files to the single file which you opt to keep. Hard linked files behave like any standard files, but are cross-linked to one single file. Read further details about hard links before using this option.

The free version has limited features and is still available at the developer’s site. The latest version comes with more features but it is not free.

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