Download Windows 10 exe, dll, and sys Files from Microsoft Servers

Quickly download some Windows binaries you’ve ever needed from Microsoft servers.

If you’ve ever needed and searched for a certain dll, sys or exe file, you know how hard it is to find them online. Winbindex allows you search and download many individual Windows 10 operating system executables such as dll, sys and exe files.

Once a file name is entered at the site, results include the SHA256 hash of each file and can be filtered by version, update, architecture, file version, and file size. The “show” button displays the file and the “download” button downloads the file.

There several types of files on in the index that can be viewed like (png, ttf, xml, cat, inf, etc.) but downloadable files are limited to executables – exe, dll, and sys files.

The author indexed all Windows files which appear in Windows update packages, and created a website which allows users to quickly view information about the files and download some of them from Microsoft servers. The files that can be downloaded are executable files (currently exe, dll and sys files).

For a complete list see the reference tables.

You can find out more about the project from this blog post.

Go to Winbindex
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