Thank You for Donating


Thanks for donating to our community website.

It's people like you who keep the true spirit of the internet alive.

From all the crew at Gizmo's Freeware, a heart-felt thanks.


Just doing my bit. Wish I could have done more.

My only income is a disability pension and I very rarely donate anything to anyone, (Wikipedia is the only other one I can recall?). But this site is definitely one of the most valuable sites I regularly use and recommend, as I think anyone on a low income/budget would have to agree.

Did someone say 100,000 hits per day? Surely half of those people could afford a measely $5 as I have, and help preserve this great site.

Thank YOU very much Gizmo, I only wish I could do more!

This site is very important to me - it has helped enormously in sorting the wheat from the chaff when it comes to freeware.

I am gladly contributing in order to keep you going.

You've been an important site for me for well over a decade.

I donated, and I appreciate your reluctance to become commercial. However, a few Google Adwords and/or an innocuous banner or 2 seems to be appropriate. It is more important that you live stress free than die by an impossible ideal.

I have been a Member for over 7 years. You have helped me so much. I have set up a monthly donation. That is best I can do at this time. Please stay alive, You folks have been so helpful.
"M.C.", I want to thank you for all you do as moderator for this site.
"Gizmo", where would we be without You.
"Best Site on the Web"
Thanks from Houston
Jimmy Alexander

Thank you, and to everyone, for your support and kind words. :) The amount of man hours our editors put in to keep their content updated and provide new material is phenomenal. Another way to help support the site is to volunteer as a freeware category editor. Some reviews are more labor intensive than others but many only require a commitment of a couple of hours a month. If anyone is interested, please follow this link. MC - Site Manager.

What everybody else said!

My pleasure. PLEASE stay alive!~

Thanks for the fantastic site. You have saved me so much time and money. I really value your testing and evaluating. I always know that if you recommend something that is how it will work. I wish I could donate all the money you have saved me over the years.

Keep up the great work!!! Donation sent.

Glad to support a wonderful site

I gladly donated for this. This is hands down the best freeware review site on the net. I have directed many friends and co-workers to this site over the years and every single one of them has found it to be a valuable resource.

Thanks for the many years of honest, accurate reviews and comparisons.

I hope these donations, small or large, allow you to continue this site we all love.

Outstanding people at Gizmo's, please donate, keep her fly'n...;0)

Simply put, Gizmo's Freeware is indispensable, and its survival as an independent site is a truly worthy cause. My own association goes back more than a decade (then formally known as Tech Support Alert), and I'm pleased to have been able to augment my annual support with a special donation.

It is difficult to have to ask for support, and I know that I join many others in the sincere hope that this appeal is more than merely successful.

I've been working with computers since 1986 and my first 4.7MHz, 640k Compaq Deskpro, and was at a loss for a reliable source of information and software until I discovered you guys in 2005. Been with you ever since. Happy to donate to help keep you going. TechSupporAlert is the best thing since ... well, you're the best thing period.

Done! Hey guys dig deep. For the cost of two pizzas deliverd and a six pack you can help Gizmo. Most of you think nothing of that so why not skip a meal and help Old Giz' to provide us with the absolute best advice! More and more when I try to find some software I end up with Wisesearch, Conduit junk, Ask toolbars, etc etc. And other stuff. A sharp eye helps but Gizmo's gang usually can sort through that.

Gizmo--I pray you get the help. I just donated $30 US I can do more next month.


I donated what I could just now because of the great information I get from your RSS feed and the articles I read on your site. IMHO, there is no harm or shame in holding regular donation drives (Wikipedia does it) or charge for premium content like Windows Secrets (I'm a lifer there.)

Keep it up!

I been a member for years. I can count on one hand how many times I used software from a site they recommended. However, gizmo breaking down the functions of each freeware they recommend has given me a wealth of information about how different software works and the different intricate functions of the computer environment. My knowledge of hardware and software increased a 100 folds.
Also,their customer service is great!
Last,I think gizmo and PayPal are the two companies that truly level the playing ground for entrepreneurs who can't afford the expensive services of many online companies. I'm so happy I have both of you to depend on.
Thank you for being my what I call continuous computer college course for learning about todays technology and making it easy for me to use word wide web environment.

I just made a donation because this site has provide more useful information than any site on the internet. Your tech specialist are the best. I almost receive too much information from you but that is ok. I have been having problems with my hard disk and the information you provided has be very helpful and most importantly easily to find. All the software reviews save me time and point to some great stuff. I heard about Dropbox, LastPass