CyberGhost VPN

Offers both free and paid services, and the free service with no fixed data allowance limit and no deliberate throttling of download speed.

Our Score
Our Score
License Free (Limited features)
Fast network speed for a free service; no monthly data limits; large number of servers; secure 256-bit encryption over OpenVPN; no logging.
Free service limited to browser extensions; no BitTorrent allowed; disconnects after 3 hours so you must reconnect; have to queue for access to free servers; ads for CyberGhost Premium shown every 90 minutes.

CyberGhost VPN is another commercial VPN provider that offers a free as well as a paid service. The free service is provided in the form of Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

The free service based in Romania is notable in that it has no fixed data allowance limit and no deliberate throttling of download speed.

That sounds great but the reality is not quite so rosy. CyberGhost restricts the free service to a limited number of features and servers, as opposed to the paid features and servers in 91 countries. The countries where there are no free servers include Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Furthermore at busy times, users may have to queue to get access to the free servers and are disconnected after three hours or when they exceed certain data transfer limits. Once disconnected, you will need to queue for a server again.

Those inconveniences aside, this is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to be limited by the tiny monthly data allowances imposed by most free VPN services and can live with the inconvenience of being disconnected every three hours.

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2 thoughts on “CyberGhost VPN

  • 2022-01-18 at 18:51

    As far as I can make out CyberGhost only offers a free trial (full version for 24 hours).
    Please correct me if I’m wrong or update the review.


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