Learn to Tie Knots with Animated Step-by-Step Directions

Animated Knots is an excellent site for learning how to tie knots for any activity.

With comprehensive step-by-step animations for 195+ knots, you can learn how to tie every type of knots.

Follow along as knots tie themselves, showing only the essential steps to make it easy to master any knot. Animated Knots is a comprehensive resource with knots for all kinds of activities including climbing, fishing, boating, scouting, search and rescue, surgical knots and how to tie a neck tie. Each animated knot automatically ties itself and can be untied. The browser interface lets you control the speed of the animation and allows you to invert, flip, and rotate some of the animations.

All of the knots can be found for free online using a browser. There’s also a YouTube channel and paid apps for Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Animated Knots

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