Focusli Lets You Listen to Relaxing Music Streams From 5 Different Genres

Focusli is a great web app if you want to listen to relaxing music from a variety of genres.

This web app provides something for everyone, with five different genres and 30 channels.

Focusli can help you locate the finest music streams for relaxing or studying, whether you’re looking for Lo-fi, Jazz, Classic, Techno, or Meditation.

Each genre has its own channels, each with a distinct focus: Lo-fi, Classic, Jazz, Techno and Meditation.

The Lo-fi channel has hip hop, chill beats, beats to study, sad and sleepy beats, emotional late night beats, star wars, Shiloh, vocal, space, and Japanese channels. If you enjoy Lo-fi you may want to check out Lo-fi Café or Ambicular.

The Classic channel has classic piano, classical piano music with fireplace, Baroque live music, and live classical piano, though the link for Classical piano pieces by Mozart, Chopin goes to Techno House music.

The Jazz channel has relaxing jazz piano, rainy jazz, Tokyo Café, summer jazz Starbucks music, coffee, happy, work and rainy jazz, and Night Paris and Jazz Hop channels

The Techno channel has Techno House Radio, High Tech Minimal, Techno Deep and Gentleman deep. The Gentlemen Deep link leads to quiet piano music, not to a Techno channel.

The Meditation channel has beautiful piano, deep sleep, piano and water sounds, and relaxing healing channels.

To view all of the channels, click the “All Channels” button, or any of the genre buttons to select a specific channel. You can set time limitations for how long the music plays using the timer.

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