Zanami Time Tracker


Zanami Time Tracker

A simple time recording utility with multiple tasks able to be timed in a single instance of the program


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Multiple tasks can be tracked at the same time, elapsed time is recorded even when the tool is shut down, sort on Activity name, Duration, Status or Created.
No ability to rename tasks, limited options and no customization ability, no data export, no GUI reporting, non-portable data which is stored in C:\Documents and Settings\Application data\Time Tracker\TimeTracker.sdata.

Our Review:

Zanami Time Tracker is another simple time recording utility, with multiple tasks able to be timed in a single instance of the program, which reduces the memory foot-print for those who want to track multiple times simultaneously.

The program is very simple, and can even be completely terminated, and when started again, elapsed time is recorded as though the program had never shut down at all, enabling saving that extra little bit of memory when needed.

The program is very easy to use, but what totally killed it for me was that there is no export to CSV, text or any other capability, and while you can view the history of all dates and times recorded against a task, you can't even copy and paste that information into another application. The data file is in a proprietary binary format, so that you can't access data that way either, and to top it off, if you mistype when creating a new task, there is no way to rename the task.

I did try hacking the binary file with a hex editor and successfully changed a single mistyped character, but adding or removing characters corrupts the data file so all your recorded time is unusable.

While this might be a nice simple utility for basic time recording, its usefulness is extremely limited by having no practical way to extract or use the data short of writing it down, or typing it by hand into something else like Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

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