Your Hottest Hot Finds Of 2013


As the festive season continues apace, and the hardworking editors at Gizmo's web site prepare to wind down for the end of the year, I thought I should look back at the literally hundreds of items that I've covered in the Hot Finds section during 2013.  

First off, my sincere thanks to everyone who's sent in a suggestion.  As always, please continue to send them in via the form at

If you look at the "reads" column on the Hot Finds section you'll note that each item is typically read 3,000 and 20,000 times.  Sometimes it a tad less than 3,000 and occasionally we hit way more than 20,000 readers for a particular item, but those figures are pretty much the norm.  As a regular visitor to this site you're clearly in good company!  And those figures also make it easy for me to single out my Top Hits Of 2013.  These stories all attracted at least 15,000 readers, so here's another chance for you to catch up on some that you missed.


Fascinating site makes the internet work for you

Thousands of free Kindle downloads on Amazon

Get Adobe CS2 Suite for Free?  Not officially.

Freeware game of the week

Scores of free MP3 downloads

Amazing site gets you up to speed on any subject

Test your PC's security from the outside

Superb audio extractor runs in Firefox

How to write down your passwords yet remain secure

How to keep your passwords safe

I still rate this excellent free Youtube downloader

A handy cheat-sheet for Google power-searching

This could just become my PC troubleshooting tool of choice

Another 60+ free ebooks from Microsoft

Use this powerful Microsoft tool to provide better security for Windows programs

Want to learn MS Office?  These top-class training manuals are free.

Website not available in your country?  No problem!

Save on expensive ink and paper with a free browser add-in

Help save your eyesight with this clever Windows program

Cryptolocker - beware this major threat to your PC









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Great list - thanks

come on. no comments? not even the proverbial "i don't like the d/load page color and my anti-virus software, that i can't even configure properly says this site is unsafe because if you blindly install the app you could end up installing some super secret overly persistent toolbar addon that i can never seem to get rid of " comment? nothing?