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A WebCam lets you to connect with everyone in the world for video chats, taking pictures, recording videos and a lot more. To enhance this experience, be a lot more creative and to get the most out of your webcam, Cyberlink YouCam is an excellent piece of software.

YouCam 5 review

Using YouCam, Photos can be taken as instant snapshots or in a series of quick succession using burst feature. Also you can capture live webcam Videos with count-down timer, set capture quality, capture formats, shutter speed and burst length. YouCam can also be used in a variety of skin colors. 

There are around 130 exciting Visual Effects you can use on your live video image, with various animated frames, scenes, particle effects, lens filters, lens distortion effects, emotions, avatar creators and gadgets to bring your instant messaging experience to a whole new level. You can perform free-hand Drawing on your webcam video image in both IM and stand-alone modes and select from a number of stamps and color boards to apply to your video. Various Video Enhancement controls like setting Auto-lighting, Contrast, Brightness, Exposure can be set before you take those captures for the picture perfect shots. 

With YouCam 5 you can perform Screencasting/Desktop Capture and capture full screens, mouse movement or fixed areas. There's a Face-Login feature where you can log-in to Windows or sign-in to websites with your face and you no longer need to type in tedious usernames and passwords. YouCam also includes a Video Surveillance utility and you can set the recording times for motion-detection, continuous or time-lapse recording with the ability to auto e-mail you. Finally with the YouCam Mirror, transform your screen into a mirror, perfect for those pre-selfie touchups. 

How to download?

For Gizmo's Freeware readers, Cyberlink will be providing license keys for YouCam 5 Standard. Simply go to this Promotional page, input your Name and E-mail. Submit the form, Copy the license key and Download the product. It first downloads an Installer for downloading the stand-alone product. When the Download is complete, input the license key during Installation. 

How long is the offer?

The offer will run for 2 weeks. So make sure to download YouCam 5 priced at $35 for free, grab the license key and save it on your PC. 

If you liked this promotion

If you did like the offer/product a Thank You note at the bottom will inspire Cyberlink to provide more softwares for free to our readers. 

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@ Gibbs.Slap,
Sorry about the delay. I installed to a sandbox and then remembered I had excluded the sandbox in Avira (while trying to validate a comment that a certain germ was able to escape sandboxes) and when trying to scan the sandbox manually, noticed the Avira context menu scan item was missing. After jumping through hoops trying to make it re-appear, I installed the newest (offline) version and now, since they've changed something, myself and others now have Avira telling us that Windows F/W is not activated (it nor the Win. Sec. Center has ever been) along with some other weird stuff. The context menu scan item is back so after I get Zamana I'll try again. So i positively understand, you got the (posted below) results how?
(you at first say "their download location" then you say "their install location" my apologies if I'm missing it, which I must be. ha.

I didn't notice any keylogging information during the install.
I was informed however during the installation that I would have to install Windows Media Player.
I didn't want to install Windows Media Player or windows Media Feature Pack aka Windows6.3-KB2835517-x64.msu (85.0 MB download) but what's a boy to do when logitech can't provide a working driver for his webcam. Worked on Windows 7 and now doesn't on Windows 8.1 despite downloading their latest driver.
It will fire up the webcam OK but fails on recording a video countdown remains on a loop. I visited Logitech's help forum and at at least one other user had the same problem. That user went backwards and forwards downloading the latest driver then the last but one driver and then extra codecs (never a good sign from advice person - sort of like, have you plugged in your webcam? a question of tech desperation). Nothing worked. The brats need to rebuild their driver again.

So I am pleased by this free offer brought to us by George.J

Thank you,


Tested and working fine for me on Win 8.1. It's a good thing to keep your computer updated with all the latest updates.

"So I am pleased by this free offer brought to us by George.J

Thank you,


Guess you missed this bit right at the end of my post!!

Best wishes,


Good point about the updates George.J. Whenever I encounter instances like this, 95% of the time the main culprits are: System not updated Corrupt system (often resulting from use of registry cleaning type tools) Interference from third party firewall/antivirus or other security program. MC - Site manager.

"Whenever I encounter instances like this, 95% of the time the main culprits are:..."

Incidences like what?

Best wishes,


To the readers: I have Qihoo 360 TS installed on my machine with Avira engine enabled. It didn't find any infections for the downloaded .exe file or during program installation. I installed Zemana Anti-keylogger Free and tried to install again, and I didn't get alerts during installation or anytime during Face-Login to Windows. I never got the Face-Login feature for websites to work though. So am completely clueless what you are talking about. I'd like you guys to post the screenshots for the keylogger or virus detections for Qihoo 360 and Zemana Anti-keylogger. Cyberlink is a reputed company with world-class products and Softpedia has given a 100% clean certificate for YouCam download on their download page.

These are different warnings than I got when I changed the suggested download location to my Programs file when I first downloaded it. I decided to go with their suggested Install file to see if that made a difference which it did. These are the warning I got by using their Install location.

I would have to believe I received this "problem" because I blocked the other three requests.

Thanks for responding George.J

Are you sure you downloaded the product from the promotional link that I've given in the article. After you input your name and e-mail id, you will get the download link in your mail id. I tried installing Zemana AntiLogger Free, it gave me no alerts during install. Are you using the Free version or Pro version? Moreover the downloaded file appears as YouCam_5.0.4628a.0_HW_STD_DE_Standard_YUC141222-05.exe and not as Setup.exe as shown in your screenshots. About your screenshots 4. It's the error message you got after blocking the requests 3. wingdi.dll means Windows Graphics Device Interface. YouCam is supposed to interact with it because it's supposed to interact with your webcam and show the output on the screen. Here's info about it 2. YouCamservice.exe is the Cyberlink service and it's a signed (verified) digital application. It's a webcam logger, because it's supposed to interact with it 1. Zemana is not just a keylogger app but a screen-logger, webcam-logger and clipboard-logger. If any app is trying to use any of these logging services it will alert the user. Since Youcam is supposed to work with your webcam, it displays that alert. Most of all during these kind of alerts, as you can see in your screenshots you can see this message, "Do not click Allow unless this is a legitimate application". And yes as you can see just below that, its a verified application from Cyberlink, so you are perfectly safe to execute the installer. These kind of problems arise when you set heuristic levels to high.

@ George.J and mchldpy,

Yes, I used the link supplied and the license # provided. I am using Zemana Version 1.93 - paid. Yes, I know that Zemana is a multi-use logger, the webcam logger didn't really worry me. I just don't understand why the program would need to install a keylogger (#3).Upon checking your supplied link I noticed this: (Expiration date: Monday, April 13, 2009). I don't understand why "any" program would need to install a keylogger at all, thus the use of Zemana.

As far as #1 why does this program want to inject code that that could take full access of my system? I just find these findings discouraging.

Don't get me wrong George I have downloaded tons of programs from here over the past umpteen years without having a problem. This is probably why I am so concerned about seeing these things popping up.

mxhldpy, I have to believe it was Install to:)

George J,
Did you notice the keylogger?


Very good question, I hope George gets back to us on that.

Has anyone tried extracting the keylogger from the install package or getting rid of it after installation? Curious as to what function it performs. Any passwords it supplies when using the "Facial Recognition Log-in on Websites" feature should be able to be supplied in a list manually. Guess I'll try it in a sandbox or in Returnil.

Sorry, I wouldn't know how to do either of your suggestions, I am curios for an answer though. I would like to know what you find out when using a sandbox.

I did however install it w/0 allowing the keyloggers but the program will not function w/o them installed.

It also wants to take "control" of your webcam which I did allow because of the nature of the program.

Wow. Great giveaway, BUT, it does add a keylogger and Norton 360 stopped it dead in its tracks. 360 Total Security also stopped it, so I guess this one is a NO GO. I already have CyberLink apps on my W7 PRO quad-core PC, so I know they are good products. But, this one seems to want to do more than I will allow it to do.


Downloaded fine on Win 7 Pro but tries to ad a keylogger to my machine (twice). I do not allow any app/program to install keyloggers. Zemana is the program I use to check all installs for such actions.

Installer crashes on Win7 Pro.

thank you Cyberlink & gizmo's!

yes, thank you!

Replaced my computer a couple years ago and have not had much interest in the camera, however, this program has inspired me with many ideas. Very intuitive. Thank you

I had version 3 provided with by the OEM, so this will be a nice upgrade.