You Need To Uninstall Quicktime For Windows


Quicktime logoIf you have Apple Quicktime for Windows installed on your PC, you need to consider removing it as soon as you can. A couple of serious security bugs have recently been discovered in the product, which could allow someone to gain access to your PC. However, while Apple still supports Quicktime for the Mac, the Windows version is no longer supported and so the bugs will not be fixed.

Unless you absolutely need Quicktime, to play content that no other program can handle on your computer, now is the time to uninstall it.



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I have too many, rather expensive softwares that rely on Quicktime components to simply uninstall it completely from my systems. I'm hoping the fact that their last build does not include browser plugins will be help keep me safe "enough".

Another example of why I detest Apple and, as Microsoft seems determined to adopt their imperious, disrespectful, arrogant attitudes, I am coming to dislike them, too.

Yes this does apply to the version that is still available to download from Apple. If you do require it to support older applications select Custom install and ONLY select QuickTime Essentials. Make sure that the Quicktime Player and Optional QuickTime Features are not selected. It won't be quite as good as not having it at all, but this should remove the online options.

I need quicktime to run with itunes for my old ipod, on xp. I don't use Quicktime itself as a video player. Am I still in danger?

Can't we run it manually for video files already on our computer without it being a security issue?

Does that apply to QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows Vista or Windows 7 which I downloaded from
on 2016.04.20 ?

Thanks again for - as everybody says - your vigilance. I work with videos in a good few codecs and you used to need Quicktime for various things on a PC (can't remember what they were) If that's no longer the case, I'll un-install for good? (P.S. (I only discovered Gizmo by accident: and I'm so glad I did!)

Thanks, Rob. I just want to remind people that they may need Quicktime to manage the content on their old (now discontinued) iPods. Thanks for all your hard work. JK

Thank you for your vigilance, R.S. !

"A couple of serious security bugs have recently been discovered in the product, which could allow someone to gain access to your PC." A statement like that requires the inclusion of your reference sources I think.

While that would be helpful, you should be intelligent and computer savvy enough to know how to use a search engine to find the information for yourself. It's not that difficult since it's being reported just about everywhere. Of course the first place to look would be the Apple Web Site itself. Next would be Krebs on Security. After that I would look at the various security and malware sites like Trend Micro, Sophos, Malwarebytes, etc. Sometimes you have to do your own followups to news stories. Don't expect to be spoon fed everything. If you honestly can't find the information after spending a reasonable amount of time with a search engine then it's acceptable to ask for links, but not before.

It's only acceptable to ask for links after spending time with search engines? Does that just apply to articles or application downloads as well? If I were the cynical type I might think you just invested a bundle in Google shares.

I never mentioned using Google for your searches. And yes, it is considered lazy to ask for links ANYWHERE prior to doing your own searches on something like this that is so well covered and is easily found. In less time than it took for you to even make the request (let alone wait for them to reply) you could have found the information with a search engine of you choice. And yes that can include downloads.

Of course that doesn't apply if they mention following a specific link and fail to include it.

This is really old news(about 3-4 days) I first saw it on Kim Comando and then a link to from there to Apple..sorry I don't have it.. but I deleted it

Thanks for your feedback CASD. I'm sure other members would like more info such as how these bugs were discovered and what kind of glitches they have been creating for users of the QT application.

Thanks Rob.
Excellent your advice to uninstall QuickTime. Actually, I uninstalled it years ago when I began to use VLC to watch *.mov videos. That was the only reason to have QuickTime in my pcs.