Year In Space: 1,000 Photos From The International Space Station


Astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year on the International Space Station. During that time, he took (and tweeted) 1,000 awe inspiring photos from the space station. Now you can see them all in one place. There are also photo galleries of images taken by other astronauts. You can check out the All Photos category, or browse by Day, Night, Sunrise Sunset, Aurora, Moon and Space Station.

In Scott's gallery, every category has a current Top 10, and a map showing where the images were taken. Clicking on map icons brings up a thumbnail of the photo taken at that location. Icons with numbers indicate more than one photo from that location - click on it and icons for each photo will become visible. I love his photo captions.

Windows on Earth- Astronaut photography

H/t to Dana Stabenow

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Once again you folks at Gizmo have delivered! Thanks so much for the great collection.

I'm happy yo like it. :)

@rhiannon - Great find, as usual. Thank you. :) Btw, I'm sure his hair clippers have a vacuum-device attached.

@crosseyedlemon - A cure for male-pattern baldness was developed during the Apollo Eleventeen Mission. It's called "Chia" but, unfortunately, it only works in space. And, since you brought it up: After James T. , as corny, over wrought and laughably macho as he was, there is NO way Jean-Luc should have been permitted anywhere NEAR the bridge of the Enterprise, except, perhaps, to serve a nice quiche.... which, we all know, real men don't eat. He's much better suited to lasciviously sneaking and scurrying in the shadows of clandestine, Earth-bound concerns.

A vacuum device would make sense in that environment. :)
Maybe he shaves his head? Zero gravity and stray hairs don't sound all that good together, but then what do I know about living on a space station? Nada. :)

I never considered the zero gravity effect on hair but it's a valid observation....we wouldn't want all our space heroes looking like Don King.

"....these are the voyages of the Starship's five year mission to search out new life....and a cure for male baldness." Scott Kelly looks eerily like a younger version of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard.