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Yahoo Calendar

Keep track of your appointments and to-do lists


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Pros & Cons:

Easy to access while checking your email, attractive interface and simple to use.
User needs to be logged into to Yahoo email account to use or view it, with no offline functionality.

Our Review:

Users who have a Yahoo email account already have access to Yahoo Calendar. The user interface is very similar to Google calendar but unlike Google calendar, Yahoo calendar has no offline functionality. It needs to be viewed and edited online.

I really like the fact that I can quickly check on my calendar when I'm checking my emails as it's just a case of clicking the calendar button when I have my Yahoo Mail webpage open.

Yahoo calendar offers no ability to import existing calendars but the user is able to 'subscribe' to other online calendars, like I have subscribed to my Google calendar so changes made on my Google calendar show on my Yahoo calendar and I have added my Yahoo calendar URL to my Google calendar so all changes appear on both calendars. This process can be done with lots of other online calendars as I have also done the same thing with Reminderfox.

Reminders for calendar events, tasks and to-do's are available in the form of an email or messenger alert. To use the Yahoo Calendar just create a Yahoo account. No download is required.

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