An interesting program runs in one executable file for high quality video and audio encoding or remuxing.


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Pros & Cons:

No indexing needed, source detection tools, very innovative interface, smart file navigation, designed to encode from optical disks directly.
Old latest stable version, beta version not finished. Presets could be better.

Our Review:

Xvid4PSP is an interesting program for high quality video and audio encoding or remuxing. It works with all codecs and components inside without any other additions.

All resources are embedded into one executable file which can be run directly without any installation.

Currently, the latest stable version is 6.x but its developer is now exclusively focusing on version 7.x that still lacks some features. Both versions provide an analysis tool, a comprehensive list of default settings for all kinds of devices, and a clean interface to add filters or correct color.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the detection tools and the innovative interface. Xvid4PSP 6.x and Xvid4PSP 7.x are run as different programs, so you can try them both. The 7.x version is still in beta stage, but there is no doubt it will be one of the best when it's finished.

One thing I didn't like are the presets; in my tests, they made encodes either too slow or the output filesize bigger than I expected.

Xvid4PSP was reviewed by on based on version 6.0.4.