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Xtreme Download Manager

The best open-source download manager that works across multiple platforms.


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Good media capture ability, Private download videos, Refresh link feature to resume download from expired links, Frequent updates with good support, Perfect browser integration, Supports multiple download queues, Extremely good download speeds, Open source & works on all platforms.
UI can be improved, Heavy download size.

Publisher Description:

By Subra Das Gupta

Our Review:

This new open-source download manager is relatively unknown but is a great contender to EagleGet with its media capture ability. It's the only download manager that's supported across all the 3 platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux. As for Linux & Mac, it's the best download manager for me and it rightfully deserves the Project of the Month award at SourceForge for Feb 2018.

Installation: The setup package is 36MB to download (quite heavy) and takes about 85MB of hard disk space on installation, but it is extremely light after installing. If you have Smartscreen enabled in Windows and it prevents XDM from installing, just go to More Info->Run anyway to install. It doesn't integrate any browser extensions upon install (a good move), instead it asks which browsers do you want the download manager to monitor. XDM supports Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi out of the box with clear instructions along with Chromium & Firefox clones & limited support for Edge browser.

Interface: The interface of XDM has improved through each update, however it's still not as intuitive as EagleGet. The transparent Settings window reminds me of Ninja Download Manager's amazing UI. But it still needs some work in that department along with the colors used for the UI.  The categories section appears to the left sidebar and the download controls are placed at the bottom. There is a handy one-touch button for monitoring browser downloads which I found is extremely useful.

Features: XDM is yet another download manager that supports multiple download queues that can be scheduled. Its media capture ability is as good as EagleGet and specifically the formats to download are available on demand when you load the specified resolution. A password manager is built-in to manage passwords & credentials for websites while downloading files. The export and import feature will come in handy when you decide to uninstall the download manager or if you have incomplete downloads, but it doesn't clearly show what file types it supports. Among other features, a speed limiter, support for proxy/socks and auto-scanning with an antivirus make it an all-round winner.

Usability:  The network optimization feature helps you adjust the download speed according to the type of connection you have. The batch download feature grabs the links from the clipboard to download them seamlessly. It's also the only downloader other than EagleGet that supports Refresh link feature to capture expired download links.

Support/Updates: Currently the support is amazing. The developer is a very nice guy and answers queries to the best of his abilities. For a one-man project it's truly a ground-breaking effort. The updates are frequent with bug fixes, making it more flexible & stable.

Verdict: XDM could have been my top-spot if not for the slightly faster download speeds of EagleGet, but if you prefer open source or own a Linux or Mac desktop then this is the one for you.

Xtreme Download Manager was reviewed by on based on version 7.1.4.