XCOM 2 Mod of the Week


If using mods recommend using the Alternative Mod Launcher available from https://github.com/X2CommunityCore/xcom2-launcher.

Week of July 28th

Proficiency: Community Perks Plugin

Adds perks to Shiremct's Proficiency Classes and Proficiency Class Heroes.

This mod requires the Proficiency Class Pack, Proficiency Class Plugin Reaper, Profiency Class Plugin Skirmisher, Extended Perk Pack, BStar's Perk Pack and Supercharge and Singe Abilities.

Week of August 4th

Muton Hunter

Adds two new Muton variants that use sniper rifles and tend to stay at range.  No dependencies.

Week of August 11th

Rescue Denmother is a mod that modifies the first retaliation mission by adding an additional objective to rescue Denmother who is bleeding out.  Denmother comes with a personalized weapon and introduces a new class into the game.  The XCOM 2 Beta Community Highlander mod is needed to fully use the new class, otherwise it is not needed.

Week of August 18

Advent Armor: Reverse Engineering, Advent Armor: Officer, Advent Armor: Trooper, Advent Armor: Purifier & Advent Armor: Stun Lancer.

This group of mods allows the player to recover armor from downed Advent soldiers and use it.  The main benefit of Advent armor is a fifty percent concealment bonus.  The first step to unlocking the armor is to research reverse engineering.  After that autopsies on Advent troopers and officers open up their armor for use.  If more than one copy of a suit of armor is desired changes can be made to the config file to allow the armor as an upgrade (probably unbalanced) or as repeatable (each suit is bought separately).  The default costs are quite sufficient for a balanced game, especially if mods like the Gene Mod which also requires corpses is used.

Week of August 25th

Children of the King 2.0 - This mod adds four mini-rulers to the game that make appearances in the game just like the original rulers.  They get three actions per turn but do not get the standard ruler reactions.  All have autopsies that add items, some new, to the game.  The children of the king have the ability to summon groups of vipers to aid them, including new viper types with new abilities. 

Week of September 1st

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Alien Heads - Adds heads from aliens in Star Wars to customization options.

Week of September 8th

Heavy and Light Kevlar Armor - Provides more choices for armor at the start of the game.

Week of September 15th

Psionics Ex Machina - This mod requires either Robojumpers Squad Select or Mod Everything Reloaded.  The goal of the mod was to make the psionic class less overpowered.  Any soldier may use psionic power but secondary weapons must be replaced with psi-amps.  This mod adds new PCSs, gems which are attachments for psi-amps that provide psionic abilities, and a new resource, meld.  This mod replaces the psionics lab with a new facility for making new psionic items. 

Week of September 22nd

The Hive and The Hive More - These mods add new mission variants, new research, new items, new enemies and a new ruler, the Hive Queen.  These mods also introduce a new faction that works just like the lost.  Warning: These mods are clearly designed for players that really want a challenge.The Hive Queen has a lot of armor, a lot of hit points that can be regenerated quickly and the ability to summon other chryssalids very quickly.

Week of September 29th

Soldier Development - Makes increases in soldier statistics wholly dependent on what they do on missions.  Ranking up is also dependent on what soldiers do on missions.

Week of October 6th

Consequences of Capture - Soldiers have a chance to be shaken and to develop a negaive trait as a result of being captured.  Captured soldiers also lose all unique gear.

Week of October 13th

Proving Ground Overhaul V2 - This mod makes experimental projects buildable after being researched the first time. Skulljacks, EXO suits, WAR suits, wraith suits and spider suits behave the same way.  Also adds many new projects.

Week of October 20th

Adds a GTS perk that adds a dedicated ammo slot to all soldiers.

Week of November 8th

Legacy of Chosen - Adds variants of Chosen weapons for the hero classes.

Week of November 27th

Dress for Success - Adds item to GTS that adds a vest slot to non-robotic XCOM units.

Fire in the Hole - Adds item to GTS that adds a grenade slot to all XCOM units.

Locked & Loaded - Adds item to GTS that adds an ammo slot to all XCOM units.

The costs of each can be configured as well as if they apply to robotic units or not.

Week of December 4th

Research Rework - This mod makes autopsies important by making them prerequisites for weapons and armor technologies as well as alien encryption.

Week of December 17th

LWOTC (Long War of the Chosen) - Available at https://github.com/long-war-2/lwotc

Long War of the Chosen or Long War 2 is a major rework of the XCOM 2.  Players manage squads of soldiers that must infiltrate areas before most missions.  Terror missions, for example, do not require infiltration.  Low levels of infiltration or high levels of Advent presence result in more enemies on site.  Advent reinforcements are a lot more common in Long War 2. 

The creators of Long War 2 have added some features that make the mod much easier to use, especially if using Linux which does not have a version of the Alternative Mod Launcher available.  When it is launched it checks to see if any mods it needs are missing and tells you what they are.  It also checks to see if any of the other mods in use conflict with Long War 2.  Missions in Long War 2 generally have more enemies which makes the game more difficult; Long War 2 includes an option to play with or without the Chosen. 

The strategic layer has been completely reworked.  Players manage resistance cells in areas where active and use them to gain intel which provides access to missions, new operatives or supplies.  One XCOM soldier, engineer or scientist can be attached to a resistance cell to provide extra benefit in one of the three objectives of reistance cells.  More resistance operatives can be recruited or obtained in rescue missions.  One key objective in the Long War is the liberation of at least one area so that the main story line can be advanced.

Week of December 31st

Chosen Spark Arsenal - Adds new weapons for Sparks.

Week of January 7th

Proficiency Class Plugin Resistance Leader Jane Kelly - Adds a new class, an intelligence officer.

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