An excellent program to enhance strategies in playing Reversi.


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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Reversi Game
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Display evaluation results on each move, setup games, load opening books, adjustable engine strength, save/import/export games, adjustable 3D view and window size, etc.
Poorer animation effects, no support for playing on network.

Our Review:

WZebra is an excellent program to enhance strategies in playing Reversi and a game to improve your skills.

The program helps you to analyze a better move by displaying evaluation results on board. It also allows you to set up disc positions, load opening books and learn from each game it plays.

WZebra has a strong built-in engine with adjustable strength, ranging from beginner to expert.

Many other features are included such as redo/undo moves, preview moves, save games, import/export games, adjustable 3D view angle and window size. Disc flip animation is included, but the effect isn't preferable to Magic Reversi's.

This is the Windows GUI version of the open-source program Zebra. It has also been ported to Android called DroidZebra Reversi.

WZebra was reviewed by on based on version 4.2.4.