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7. Dont Take It Personally Babe, It Just Aint Your Story

I have been a fan of visual novels ever since I played 999: 9 persons, 9 doors, 9 hours, a nintendo commercial game. Christine Love, first created a magic with her critically acclaimed game, "Digital:A Love Story" and continues it with DTIPB. Her writings weaves in an engrossing drama, with surprises and twists, natural and believable dialogue sequences and like her name, has an element of love. 
DTIPB is an interactive visual novel, all about love, sex, trust, guilt, internet, sexuality and privacy. You are John Rook, a high school teacher handling a class of social network hooked students in the year 2047. In the school the students and teachers are equipped with a tablet, and the students use AmieConnect on this tablet, which is very similar to Facebook, to interact with their other classmates, to post their status on their profile and wall, make gossips, send private messages, argue with each other and even to flirt.
Now the very interactive novel becomes interesting, when you John Rook, has access to all the messages that students post, their public as well private conversations, while the students are not supposed to know about this, breaking every morale of privacy. As the story progresses, there's an element of tension and drama created, while you know about the good, bad and ugly sides of these teenagers, to know their problems in personal life and help them if needed. The game has 3 different endings depending the choices you make, during this smart and creatively told piece of narration.


Top 10 Free PC Games 2011
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