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Its Princess vs Santa showdown! Wait, is it Christmas time of the year? Who cares? Santa hadn’t given the presents that she deserved, when she was young and now she’s back to take revenge on Santa and all his helpers, in this amazingly fun game.
The game was just an unexpected delight from creator of Hero Core and Iji. Hyper Princess Pitch is a remake of Dos Operation:Carnage. With its fast paced, arcade style of gameplay, snappy music, old fashioned yet detailed graphics, bunch of cheesy characters and incredible replay value, Hyper Princess Pitch brings out the best, though it’s a very short game.
There are only a few levels and you’ll be facing a boss during each of these levels. The very reason why this game should be played again by again, is because of the alternate endings and more especially, the intensity of the bosses in the highest difficulty setting, where they get a whole final phase, and there’s also a secret bonus level. Play this game right now, if you don’t want to be haunted by the 3 ghosts of Christmas during the festive end of the year. Shoot ‘em up!


Top 10 Free PC Games 2011
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