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   4. Best Free Multimedia for iPad
Best Free Radio Broadcasting for iPad
TuneIn Radio
(12.7 MB)
Listen to local or worldwide ratio station streams on the web, find an extensive selection of local radio, music, talk, sports and podcasts from over 50,000 stations, and preset your favorite channels at ease.
Best Free Multimedia Streaming Software for iPad
Audiogalaxy Mobile
(4.7 MB)
Play your PC-based music files on your mobile device everywhere you go, without the need to copy or upload the files as the Audiogalaxy Helper on your PC streams them to your mobile via the Internet connection.
VLC Streamer Free
(4.3 MB)
Stream videos from your PC over an active Wi-Fi connection to your iPad, on which you can then watch almost all the video formats that VLC can play. Ads supported. The VLC Streamer Helper is needed on your PC.
Best Free Music Recognition for iPad
(11.6 MB)
What's that song? Tap the yellow button to identify music you hear playing, singing or humming, and in just a few seconds, SoundHound displays the song title, artist, album art, lyrics lookup and other details for you. It's fast and intuitive.
Best Free Music Video Catalog for iPad
(4.2 MB)
Search, watch and share your favorite music videos in a catalog containing 25,000 videos from more than 7,500 artists. You can also create playlists, explore music maps and stay in the know with your favorite artists via Twitter feeds.
Best Free Movie Resource for iPad
IMDb Movies & TV
(5.7 MB)
Watch trailers, browse photos, find latest releases, explore popular charts, rate movies and share movie info from a huge resource of more than 1.5 million titles, and 3.2 million celebrities, actors and actresses, directors and crew members.
Best Free Computer Piano for iPad
Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD
(8.1 MB)
Turn your device into a piano with good sound quality and learn the basics of music or just having fun. You can get two sets of piano keys, tap the arrows to move each keyboard by one key or one octave, adjust settings for volume, key labels, etc., but no tuning, recording or other advanced features in this free version.
Best Free Music Creation Software for iPad
(13.2 MB)
Create your own music is easy and yet enjoyable using this app, with a standard 16 note sequence, four layers of recording space and other features including tone and tempo controls, beat visualizer, saving, loading and sharing tunes, etc. Sadly audio export is limited to the paid version.
Best Free Video Maker for iPad
Video Star
(14.4 MB)
Make your own music video easily—select a song from your library and record video as the music plays. You can choose and edit a special video effect for recording and share your masterpiece with your friends on social network, but a small watermark is imposed on ending frames of exported videos.
Best Free Flip Book Animation for iPad
LED Studio HD Free
(2.5 MB)
Make your own flip book animations easily using LED colors and multiple frames, with copy and paste, frame overlay, variable playback speed, save and load features. Ads supported in the free version.
Best Free Remote Control for iPad
(14.8 MB)
Turn your mobile device into a remote control unit to browse and play music and video files in your iTunes on your computer—once it's set up, just sit back in a sofa and enjoy. This app also controls Apple TV.

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