Feedback is very important and today it is incredibly easy to get it. That is why we do surveys. It is a great way to understand and engage people and every organization has a lot of questions that they want answered, for example. 

  • Why did a customer buy our product or why did he not buy our product?
  • What is a good day for a presentation
  • Where should we have our end of year dinner?
  • Are we doing a good job in supporting our customers?
  • Who politically should we support with SOPA? This last question if some companies should have asked before they came out supporting SOPA.

I am sure you can think of many more you need.

There are several quite good methods of doing it. My requirements was I needed between a hundred and a thousand hundred responses and had between three to twenty questions. Few of the free services could do that.

After looking through many, I decided on kwiksurvey.


  • It is free to use.
  • It is easy to use.
  • No limitation on the number of questions
  • It downloads into Excel or openoffice.
  • It allows you to store the results for years.
  • The reporting is adequate. It produces good tables and diagrams, which are clear and easy to understand.
  • It has an excel or openoffice export which you can use to produce any report you require.
  • It also has a filter which is very useful. Say you do a survey with twenty questions, one that is gender. You can then set up a filter to see how females answered your survey.


  • It lacks customizations for example, I am happy to display percentages but not numbers, so I need to go over its output with a paint program to clear out the numbers.
  • It does not have any comparative reporting.  So you cannot on one screen see how in the above example females compared to the average. Furthermore, as I like to issue the same survey yearly and see the differences. I have to do all this manually.  
  • It excel output is messy, and I think difficult to work with. 
  • Everyone that you survey will get a quick advertisement for kwiksurvey.



Overall I would rate it as a good product that can do the job.


My tip to someone doing a survey is to ask for comments; I tend to find them more interesting then numbers.


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