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One of the daily annoyances with Android devices is that often, apps will open in the opposite way that you want them to on the screen. Landscape, portrait - which way do I turn the thing? This app will fix that once and for all. 
There is a screen lock button on most devices, and settings to prevent auto rotation when you rotate your device so the screen won't flip orientation modes. A lot of times, you want some apps to flip between landscape and portrait, but you want others to lock to one view. Here’s where Smart Rotator comes in handy. The app has been available for a long time, but it's still as useful as ever.
Smart Rotator is small, works on all versions of Android, and uses minimal resources. It is ad supported. When you run the app, it will take a moment to build a list of apps installed on your device. Once that is complete, you can alter the screen orientation used on a per app basis. A tap on a listed app will offer you several choices. Auto, Landscape, Portrait, Auto for all and Portrait for all. The Auto for all option will reset everything to the default behaviors.
On a phone, it's sometimes useful for apps with keyboard input to be in landscape mode for easier typing. Just select the app and choose the landscape option. Want YouTube videos to only play in landscape mode? Select YouTube from the app list  and choose the landscape option.
Tablet users will find this app very useful, as most of the time, you will want apps to open in landscape mode. There are many apps which go portrait by default. This has always been annoying. Smart Rotator will force landscape mode for these apps, but it's uncertain this will work with every app though. Screen layouts for apps designed to work in only portrait mode may mess up their screen layouts. Just try it and see how it works for each app.
The easiest way to use Smart Rotator is to just run all your usual apps. When one causes you screen rotation issues, start Smart Rotator and choose your desired screen behavior for it. Smart Rotator is one of those apps you didn't think you'd need to install but once you have it, you'll be glad you did.
Smart Rotator — Free Mobile App of the Week
For Android
Size: 105 kB

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