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Hash-check utilities are programs that allow you to check if a download file is corrupt or has been tampered with.

The software author uses this type of software to create a hash number, which is a code string that represents a signature for the file. The number is published along with the file. People who wish to check the file's authenticity can then run their own hash check on it, using the same program or a different one, and get a hash signature. This signature is unique and if one byte is changed in the file, the hash signature will be different showing that the file has been changed since the last time the author "hashed" it.

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HashTab 3.0

HashTab provides OS extensions to calculate file hashes. HashTab supports many hash algorithms such as MD5, SHA1, SHA2, RipeMD, HAVAL and Whirlpool. Hashtab is supported as a Windows shell extension and a Mac Finder plugin. HashTab provides an easy way to verify file integrity and authenticity.

Once you have installed HashTab, just right click on any file. On Windows, select properties and you will see a new "File Hashes" tab. On Mac select "File Hashes" (on 10.5 the "File Hashes" menu item will be found under the "More" submenu). This is will start HashTab providing more or less the same view that you see on Windows. This File Hashes window displays all the hashes for the file. You can customize which hashes are calculated and displayed. You can hash other files for comparison. You can also paste in hash text so you don't go cross-eyed trying to compare MD5 hashes.

Please note:

Hashtab does not support Win9x, NT or 2000. All later versions of Windows are supported. Hashtab supports Mac OSX 10.4 and higher.

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