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QuickFound has links to many and varied  free online cookbooks for viewing and for download in pdf.  Definitely worth checking out.

Rachel Starr Thomson  offers "World's Unseen", the first of her "The Seventh World" trilogy for free download in a variety of formats, as well as online viewing at Smashwords.

Racy Li  offers the racy (18+) novel, "Demon Rescuer" for download in pdf.

RalphRobertMoore offers his work, Father Figure, for free download in pdf.

RandomStatic offers Newton's Sleep, a novel published in 2008, for free download in pdf or html.

ReadaRomance offers a good size collection of romantic short stories for online viewing.

ReadBookOnline has a nice collection of classics available for online viewing.

ReadEasily - Small collection of works that has option for larger print.  HTML only.

ReadPrint - Thousands of books, poems and short stories.

ReadTheseLips short fiction, poetry and other writings especially for and about lesbians.

RealTime - Free media for IT professionals.

RegencyRomanceNovels offers one complete romance novel for free reading online.  The other listings are for the first few chapters of come of their offerings.

Religion-Online  over 6,000 works on religion and society available for online viewing.

Remedies4 offers a very good size collection of holistic healing books on a wide variety of health issues.

RichardEngling  offers his futuristic detective novel, Body Mortgage, for free download.  Registration for a newsletter is required.

RIF Reading Planet  has an interesting collection of books for online viewing that changes monthly.  Also has activities and games as well as Asian/Pacific, Caribbean, Hispanic and native American sections with books and activities.

Rifters offers the novels and short stories of Peter Watts for download in pdf.  Thanks to Ash for this suggestion.

RJRummel offers his six book "Never Again" series for free download in pdf.

RKPHunt offers 5 full length novels for online reading.  One of the novels may be read without registering (free).  The other require registration.  There are also some other works available for reading after registration.

RoadtoRomance    has a listing of links to free romance novels for download in pdf or reading online.  Some are duplicates of this listing, but others are links to author sites.

RobertBurtonRobinson  offers a number of free books and short stories for free online viewing and for free download in pdf.

Robert Munsch has about 60children  books by Robert Munsch for reading online and read by him available for download in MP3 format.

RobertSchifreen has made his new book "The Web Book", which covers everything involved in setting up a website available exclusively to visitors here at Gizmo's.

RodCockle offers a nice collection of illustrated books for online viewing, as well as games and puzzles for 4-8 year olds. Suggested by Cathy of  PuzzlEd.

Rolf A.F. Witzsche offers 14 of his novels for online viewing, download in pdf or as audio books in MP3/M4B.  12 of the novels are part of his "The Lodging of the Rose" series.

RomanceatHeart  the online romance magazine has links to free online romance novels and short stories.  There are some unique entries here.  The links vary as to reading online or download in different formats.

RomanceCorner offers quite a few short works for online reading.  They look to be adult oriented works.

RomanceNovelTV lists 7 romance novels available for free Kindle download at Amazon.

Romantic4Ever offers 2 free ebooks by author, Joan Reeves, as well as some short story romance fiction for reading online.

RomanticMarriageStories  features romance works about married life.  These short stories present a high view of marriage and portray the fun a romantic couple can have in a happy and sexy marriage.

Room108KidsStories offers about 25 animated stories, with accompanying music, for reading online.  These are unique stories not found elsewhere.

Rosie'sRomanticWritings offers the romantic novel, Forever More, for free reading online.

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