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Magickeys small, but interesting, and unusual, collection of childrens books for online viewing.

MagickSpells is a collection of books on astrology, magic and mythology for free viewing online.

ManyBooks - 22,000 books available for download in a variety of formats.

MartaAcosta offers the draft manuscript of two romance novels for free reading.

MartiinKolacek offers his science fiction/comedy book for free download in PDF or for Kindle.  Also available offsite for free download in ePub or prc (Palm) and for free readinng online.  Originally available in Czech language and now in English.  Thanks to "Werst" for the information on this. lists a good number of paranormal romance novels available for free download as Kinkdle at Amazon (registration necessary-maybe for USA only).  Also some good links to romance author sites offering free reads.

MeatBook has an online cookbook image of the Ground Meat Cookbook available for online viewing.

MedievalCookery In addition to offering a selection of medieval recipes, this site has a large listing of links to online medieval cookbooks.

MedLine Plus is a great, trustworthy site for general health information, including tutorials, clinical trial updates and the latest news in medicine. You can also find plenty of books, including some intended for children.

MemoWare - A unique collection of books for hand held devices.  There are some shareware items, but 99+% are free.

MerpyStories offers several animated flash stories, with accompanying music, for online viewing.  The unique stories of Merpy, Jeremy Dragonfly and Rufus the Firefly available in English and Spanish.  Other activities available.

MetaReligion has an extensive listing of works for all major world religions as well as some minor religions and ancient myths.  All appear to be for online viewing.

Michael Hardgrove  offers his illustrated book, "The Echo and the Pixie" for free reading online.

MichaelPalin  Former Python Michael Palin has made a name for himself lately as a brilliant travel-writer and has made six of his travel books available for online viewing.  They are spread across many pages, so not very practical to download.

MicrosoftReader has links to free works at the University of Oregon. 

Mills&Boon offer online reads of romance novels from best selling authors.  These are released in serials, with a new chapter every 2-4 days, but older releases are available making this a nice collection.

Mises Institute Several hundred books, mostly on economics (and from a libertarian point of view) available for download as pdf.  Some unique entries here.  Suggested by poster, Bill Starr.

MIT Internet Classics Archive - Over 400 works of classical literature available for download.

MIT OpenCourseWare  offers 2000 courses in a wide variety of departments.  The courses I checked seemed to be primarily in pdf, but that may vary.

MobileRead - Forum listing thousands of free ebooks. Check the E-Book index listing (for LRF format) or the Automatic Index listing (for various formats) as well as the general posts.

Molwick Small collection of scientific and educational books available for download in pdf.

Montware offers the full length Irish romance novel, Caroline, by Una (Lavery) Montgomery for free reading online.  About 20 ebooks representing writings from a travel writer's articles combined.  Available for download in several formats

Munsey's - Over 18,000 ebooks available in a variety of formats

Munsey'sMobile offers a large collection of free novels divided into many categories.  These are all available for free viewing online and are also available for download in PDF, PRC and ePUB.  These appear to be different works than those available on the regular Munsey's site, above.

MuseumofUnnaturalHistory has a small collection of illustrated childrens' stories for online viewing. these are unique stories not found elsewhere.

MusicalTales offers "Helena and the Orchestra of the World of Mist" as a download in text, video, soundtrack or audiobook.

MysteryNet has a interesting collection of original online mysteries for visitors to solve as well as mystery short stories.  Also, a nice childrens section.

MysteryNetKids has a good size collection of mysteries for children to solve.  There are 28 "Solve-It" stories, 29 "Chiller" stories from the Darkmaster,  28 "Quick Solve" stories, 28 Magic Tricks and 21 mystery stories written by children that won the mystery writing contest at the site.

MysteryNovelist  offers the romance mystery, Snow Angels, by Barbara W. Klaser for free reading online.

Namiko offers her romance novel, "A Japanese Dream in 79 Letters" for reading, and download, in  pdf.  A German romance novel, "Sebastien und Send Engel" is also available at the site.

Nancy'sKitchen has a nice size collection of small cookbooks available for free download in pdf.

NewFreeBooks  has links to free ebooks covered by copyright, but still available legally (most times direct from the author's site.  Excellent source for newer works.

NoPayWeb has a huge collection of links to free ebooks and materials online.  Quite a few of these links were not valid, but most of them are.  The ones I saw were all for viewing online, but there may be some downloadable ebooks as these are links offsite.

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