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KalinBooks  has 4 science fiction novels of Kalin Ringkvist available for online viewing or download in pdf (with a fifth on the way.

Kallysten  has a good number of works available for free download in pdf.

Kellscraft Studio Around 250 books available for online viewing.  Kellscraft lists out of print, public domain novels, most published prior to 1923.  Searchable by title, author and topic.

KidsAudioBooks  has 12 classic books for children for download in pdf.  Most are available elsewhere, but there is one unique entry.  Also a good collection of audio books and some coloring books.  Suggested by Cathy of PuzzlEd.

KidsKnowIt  is not a book site, but it does have a lot of reading for children, along with educational puzzles and games.

KidsNurseryRhymes  a British site featuring over 1200 nursery rhymes for online viewing.  Also has sing along rhymes (must have midi player-available there) and some nursery rhyme disco recordings available for download in MP3.

Kidspace  A small collection of childrens books, available for online viewing, from the Internet Public Library.

KimberlyComeaux offers 2 of her full length novels and 2 short stories for free reading online.

Kindersite offers a good number of stories in flash for reading and listening online as well as lullabies, music and games for younger children.

KingZone  has a very nice size collection of free software ebooks available in 13 categories (programming languages) for reading online or download.  The vast majority are for reading online.

Knowledgerush has a good sized collection separated into about 30 categories.  Nice children and Mystery sections, among others.

KoboBooks  claims to have over 1,000,000 free books for online reading.  As far as I can tell there is no master listing to order by title or author and the best way is to conduct a search.  There are a few categories.

LearningIsland Nice collection of children books available for online viewing.

LearningPage  has a series (38) of printable "Tommy" story books suitable for about 8-10-year-olds, plus some other printable books, for free.  Suggested by Cathy of PuzzlEd.

LettersToMyMother has the romance novel,  "Letters to my Mother", by Rebecca Heath available for free online reading or free download in PDF.

LewisShiner  offers four of his novels, a good selection of his short stories, two screenplays and two audio books for free download at his Fiction Liberation Front website.  Thanks to "awh" for this.

LibertyLibraryofConstitutionalClassics great timeline of classic works on law.  For those wanting information on the history of our goverments, this is a great place to start.  color coded to show which of the various download and viewing options are available for each.  Suggested by the always helpful SeaMac.

LibraryofCongress    maintains a nice collection of classic children's books in its Childrens Literature collection of its Rare Book section.  these are available for online reading and download in pdf.  These are illustrated copies and are a nice mix of well known and unusual.

Librivox Although mostly know for its excellent collection of audio books.  A poster named Les has pointed out that they also have links to online viewing sites for all of its large collection of audio books and also download links.

LilFingers Storybooks Small collection of books for very young children for reading and being read to.

LinuxDocumentationProject offers a good number of free guides, manuals and howtos on Linux related materials.

Listverse  has a interesting top ten list (though there are 11 entries) of  free sci fi books on the web.

Literarium has a small collection of classic works available for online viewing.  A nice collection of Sherlock Holmes, some interesting historical documents and a few unique classic works. has a collection of classics, arranged by author,  for online viewing.

LiteratureMaster  has thousands of ebooks in a wide variety of categories available for online viewing.

LiteratureNetwork has over 1900 full books and over 3000 short stories and poems by over 250 authors available for online reading.  Searchable by author and they have a few unusual ones.

LiteraturePost 825 works from 71 authors available for online viewing.

LLeeLowe offers two novels and some short stories for reading or listening online.

LongLongTimeAgo is a large collection of fables, myths, folk tales, fairy tales and more from around the world.  These are available for reading online.

Luisa Green  offers 3 of her romance ebooks for free download in pdf.

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