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CandlelightStories  has a good number of stories from the Arabian nights collection as well as other story books available for online reading.

CBeebies  is a BBC site that offers a good number of free stories, in flash, for online reading and listening.  Also, has games, music and coloring books.

CheeseburgerBrownoffers 41 of his science fiction short stories for free viewing online.  Some are also available for download in pdf or kindle.

Chessville 40+ ebooks on Chess available for download (mostly in PDF)

ChestofBooks Large collection, divided into categories, for online viewing.  Nice collection.

Chilanti very large collection of links to free ebooks divided into 30 categories.  Also, study guides and tutorials.  Since links are off site, download and viewing options vary.

ChildrensBooksForever  has a nice collection of illustrated books available in pdf. Additional comments from Cathy of  PuzzlEd

"I checked out ChildrensBooksForever and the books are just delightful! Gorgeous pictures and some good themes for primary-school kids (anger, bullying etc). Over 20 books available to download and use on computer, Smartboards etc, as well as viewing online (and in quite a variety of languages, too, apparently). Excellent for school or home use."

Children's Books Online is an excellent collection (600+) of illustrated antique children's books for viewing online.   They are also available for download at a fee.  This little gem was suggested by an anonymous poster.

Children'   has a large collection of books for online viewing.  Many appear to be unique classic works that are finely illustrated.  Books can be filtered by age, length and fiction/non-fiction.

ChildrensStories  offers 6 free works by Elisa Gianoncelli.  2 are for children 7 and older, 1 for children 6 to 9 and 3 for children under 6.

ChildrenstoryCom offers a smaller collection of fairy tales, nursery rhymes and holiday stories.  There is also a story that was written and illustrated by 2d grader children.  Caution that many of the other links lead to items for sale.

ChildrenStoryInfo  a children site that offers a nice collection of fairy tales for online viewing as well as Bible stories and coloring books.

ChildStoryTeller has a good number of short stories and nursery rhymes for reading online.  No illustrations to speak of and most of the stories are classics that can be found elsewhere, but there are a few unique entires here.

Chris Lusser  offers three of her romance novels for free download in several formats.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library  making classic Christian writings available and promoting their use. Suggested by AndrewK

ClarkesworldMagazine offers free science fiction short stories for online viewing and also some audio versions.  A winner of the 2010 Hugo award for best Semiprozine.  Thanks to Knight_of_Pentacles for this.

Classic contains the works of over a hundred authors (and short biography for each), with a varying number of works per author.  Online viewing only.

Classic Book Shelf Electronic Library offers the works of 50+ authors in varying amounts.  Online viewing only.

ClassicHistoryBooks offers 6 unique works for online viewing.

ClassicHorrorStories has a very nice, and large, collection of classic short horror stories for online viewing.

Classic Literature Library Decent size collection that has complete works of a small variety of authors and works of others and a nice children's section available for online viewing.

Classicly offers a large collection of free classic novels.  Sorting by author, popularity and book collections (genres).   All are available for free download in PDF and many are also available in KINDLE.  Thanks to Tyler G for this suggestion.

Classic Reader offers thousands of free classic books for online viewing.

CND offers a few English translations of Chinese classic novels and works on philosophy.  Most however, are only available in Chinese.  Suggested by the ever helpful SeaMac. larger collection, sub categorized and available for download in pdf

CookingWithUs has a large and diverse collection of cookbooks available in PDF (zipped).  Also, a few cookbooks available in Kindle.

CougarWebWorks has several of the works of Nowick Gray available for free download in pdf.

CrankyLibrarian 3011 books by 752 authors available for online viewing.  Complete works of several authors and some interesting categories.

CrapHound has a few works of Cory Doctrow available for free download.

CreativeHomemaking  has a number of free cookbooks available for download in pdf.  Some interesting entries here, including "How to Make a Gingerbread House".

DailyLit - Read books online by daily email or RSS feed. Over 700 titles.

DesiringGod has a good size collection of Christian oriented works for download in PDF.

Developnew a good collection of free computer software books available for reading online.

Diesel eBooks - Offers 750+ ebooks formatted for Microsoft Reader and MobiPocket.

DigitalBookIndex  links to over 140,000 free ebooks in a wide variety of categories.  Viewing and download options vary as these are links to various sites.

DigiLibraries offers a large collection of free novels, which may be sorted by genre, title and author.  This is a mix of classic and original works.  All are available to read online or download in ePUB and some are also available in PDF.  Thanks to Jonathan Malka for this suggestion.

DivineLifeSociety over 200 books on Yoga, religion and philosophy available in pdf or HTML

DLTK-Teach   offers free printable children's books.  Most are geared towards pre-schoolers, including a set on the alphabet, but there are some stories for older children also.    Suggested by Cathy of  PuzzlEd.

DominicGreen offers 4 of his science fiction novels for free reading online.

DripRead Book serialization by email.  All books in ePub format.  Registration not required, but the free registration does add some nice features.  Obviously email required.  thanks to Peter Barber for this.

DuncanLongPublications offers several works for free online viewing.  Generally, a pdf download costs money, but some are ad supported and are free.

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