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uMassAmherstAesop'sFables offers a collection of Aesop's fables, with illustrations from students in the Computing in the Fine Arts course for online viewing.

VirtualImprint Offers the ebook Lise for download in several formats. Lise is a sci-fi novel written by D. M. Arnold.  Lise picks up where The Lost Colony (Volume V of the Earthbound Series) ends, with different characters and a new setting. Thanks to "Guy Haha" for this.

VirtualReligionIndex has a very large collection of religious works for ancient religions as well as the modern major religions available for free viewing online.

Vitalita The Vitalita Culinary Group is offering two free vegan cookbooks for download in text.  A Taste of Vitality and Desserts of Vitality include pictures of the finished dishes.

Von'sBooks has free online science fiction written from a Christian prospective.  Most of these are incomplete, but there are several complete novels available for free reading online.  Main link is to the Scifi section, but there is also a Fantasy section.

WackyWebTales offers a good size collection of short tales for 3rd graders and above. Geared to help with parts of speech.

Wattpad offers a huge collection of free works.  These are original and unpublished works.  There mostly are short stories, but a good number of novels and novellas.  Nicely divided into categories and sub-categories.

Web-Books offers over a thousand classic works divided into several categories.  These are all available to read free online or for download in WEB and WEB database.  Viewing the downloads requires their Web Viewer (free) which is clean as far as I can tell

Web Literature has 6500+ works of over 350 authors available for online viewing.  A nice feature is that they try to display the full works of the listed authors

WebPop   has a very interesting collection of unique and nicely illustrated books available for online reading, listening and download.

WildRosePress  offers 73 romance short stories download in pdf or lit or reading online.

WiredForBooks  has a nice collection of Beatrix Potter books as well as a few others for online reading and also available in audio.

WitGuides - Small collection of free ebooks in a variety of categories.

WordIQ Nice collection of over 10,000 books available for online viewing.    There are some unusual entries here, but hard to find unless looking for specific title or author.

WorldofTales  a collection of folktales, fairy tales and fables from around the world available for online viewing.

WorldPublicLibrary - The public selection appears to be all to Project Gutenberg  collections.  But annual membership is only $8.95 for over 500,000 works.

WorldWideSchool  has a fairly large collection of free books spread across 12 categories, with numerous sub-categories.  Search by author name and title also available.  Available for online viewing.

YourBedtimeStory There are not a lot of stories and the stories are not very long, but this site does have a nice twist that you can personalize the story.  There are also coloring pages along with the stories.

ZenVirus  offers several science fiction novels of Hugh Cook for free reading online.  You need to scroll down to find the free full length novels.


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