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SamizdatPress  has a small collection of science and math works and links to other works.  Their focus is on "material of a pedagogical nature".

Sarah Reinke  has made several of her romance novels, and some non-romance novels, available for download in pdf.  These are for mature audiences and you must be over 18 years of age to download.

Scholastic Small collection of children's books available for online viewing (or read to you).  Featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Scholastic Mini-books has a good selection of stories available to read or print, many of which are free. Suggested by Cathy of  PuzzlEd.

ScienceBooksOnline  has a large listing of links to computer science books available for download in its computer science category.  Since these links are off site, download options vary, but most seemed to be in pdf.

ScienceFictionandFantasy has a small listing of public domain works available for download in text or html.  Most can be found elsewhere, but there are a few unique entries.

Scifimatter  has a nice listing of free sci fi books available on the internet.  Some are already listed here, but there are quite a few unique entries.

ScottSigleroffers a nice collection of short stories and serialized novels for download in PDF.  These are adult works.  Also some audio works available for free listening at Podiobooks or download in iTunes.  Thanks to MrWednesday7 (James) for this.

SebastianSwan  a collection of Sebastian Swan stories for online viewing.

SejarahMelayuLibrary is perhaps the largest public on-line collection of books and other documents on the history of the Malay archipelago and its surrounding region. It consists of over 700 books and academic papers in electronic PDF format.

SFWA The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America offers some short stories and novellas of its members for free reading online or download in PDF.

ShadowUnit is an ongoing "story about a group of unrealistically sexy FBI agents struggling to protect humanity from the worst monsters imaginable".  Episodes are viewable online (with optional music) and some parts are available for download.  Features a wiki and an opportunity to talk to the story's characters.

ShadyMike offers 4 free books on travel for download in pdf.

Shakespeare's Plays The complete texts of Shakespeare plays with explanatory notes, from your trusted Shakespeare source.  Suggested by Sea Mac. 

Shay's Imagination  offers the unique stories and poems of Shay for online reading or download in pdf.

SillyBooks  has a number of free books available for online reading.  There are also puzzles, games and contests.

SiyongLin offers 2 free novels from her Rosedawn series for free reading online.

Smashwords has a very large collection of free ebooks from independent authors and publishers.  These are available for download in a wide variety of formats, including KINDLE, EPUB and PDF among others, as well as for online viewing.

SolarDrift  An ongoing science fiction novel by Martin A. Hale.  Episodes are available for online vieiwng.  He also offers a few of his short stories for online viewing.

Starfall nice little collection of works to help children learn to read

StarRigger  offers some of the works of Jeffrey A. Carver for download in a large variety of formats.  All the novels of his Chaos Chronicles series as well as a few others are available for download as well as his recent novel Sunborn, which is available for free download for a limited time.

Starry FreeOnlineNovels small collection, but some interesting entries, available for online viewing.

Stiljack offers a free complete crime novel of Martin Cooper along with 5 short stories and also has a few other authors short stories.  Aspiring writers are encouraged to have their books posted there.

StoriesForChildren has 8 Christmas stories by Carolyn Rogers for online viewing and apparently some woodland creature stories soon to come.

StoriesRUs  has the romantic novel "Romantic Venture" available for online reading.

StoriestoGrowBy  has a large collection of folk and fairy tales for children from around the world for online viewing.

StoryPlace Elementary has six stories and related activities for online viewing geared for elementary school age children.

StoryPlace PreSchool  has a nice collection of books and activities designed for pre-schoolers available for online viewing.

StoryTimeForMe a nice site with unique entries aimed for toddlers through 2d grade.  Interesting combination of old fashioned animated book and flash video.  has an extensive listing of links to sites containin Islamic texts as well as a large number of pdf texts at the site.

SunDogStories offers the adult oriented crime story, Lucky's Dream, for free online viewing.

SunnaOnline  offers 16 free books on Islam.  All are available for online viewing and some for download in pdf.

SurLaLuneFairyTales offers a very nice and large collection of fairy tales from around the world for online reading.

TechBooksforFree offers a wide range of free programming and computer books divided into nine main categories.

TechToolBlog Links to 345 online programing books

The Complete works of Mark Twain   The Complete works of Mark Twain, Biography, Quotes over at This site contains *almost all* of Mark Twain's works. Suggested by Sea Mac.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare  is the Web's first edition of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. This site has offered Shakespeare's plays and poetry to the Internet community since 1993. Suggested by Sea Mac.

TheDeenShow has around 100 free ebooks on Islam divided into 12 categories.  Available for free download in PDF.  Also a large collection of audio and some video

TheFreeLibrary  has a large collection of free classic books sorted by author and searchable by author, title or keyword.  There is also a small biography of every author along with the listing of that author's works on the site.  The site claims to have over 5 million works.  Online viewing only.

TheHistoricalArchive has the two volume work, Stories of the Civil War, available for download or viewing in PDF.  This is mostly a pay site and this is the only free entry for now.  The free offering does change from time to time and there is no registration required to obtain this free offer.

TheLiteraturePage has a good size and interesting collection of free books.  These are classic works and are available for free reading online.

TheManorSchool offers a collection of Greek myths and legends for online viewing.  Featured within the stories is the artwork of children of the school.

TheMoonlitRoad has 11 stories for children for online reading.  A mix of ghost stories, folktales, myths and legends from the American South.

ThePlough offers 53 Christian books for free download.  All are available in PDF, many are also available in KINDLE or PRC.  Interesting collection with some dealing with theology and others with practical application in everyday life.

ThePomplemousse has three original stories about the adventures of Pomplemousse, intended for children and adults.

ThePuritanLibrary offers a large collection of Puritan books and articless.  Many are available for free download in KINDLE and EPUB and others are available as PDF.

TheSeaLiesAfterDeath by Aubra Penner, is being released in parts, on 6 as of now, and the full 10 sections will eventually be available for free reading online.

The Works and Life of Charles Dickens Charles Dickens online, a website dedicated to one of the most prolific and esteemed English writers, generally considered the greatest novelist of the Victorian era.  Suggested by Sea Mac.  

Tikiri  has a nice collection of Sri Lankan stories available in English and Sinhalese available as pdf.

ToddlerSchool  has a small collection of illustrated books to read and listen to online. Also has educational games for younger children.  Suggested by Sefi.

Tonight'sBedtimeStory offers 79 classic fairy tales for download or online viewing in PDF.

TopMystery A good amount of each of the few mystery authors listed are available for online viewing or download  has a good number of Science Fiction & Fantasy stories available for download in pdf, mobi pocket, html or ePub.  Also available for listening or download as MP3.

TravelandTransitions  offers several free ebooks for download in pdf.  These are compilations of the writer's blog entries.

TrinityMoon  a small collection of novels and short stories for online reading.

TripBase  offers 7 travel books for free download in pdf.  These books are compilations of tips from over 200 travel bloggers.

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