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This is a listing of 446 sites that legally offer free books (eBooks) for download or for online viewing.

Some time ago I went looking for some free eBooks and was surprised to find that there are many resources for this.  I decided to put together this list of sites that offer free eBooks as a reference.  Originally, the list was for 50 sites (hence that number in the link) and I thought that was a lot.  I expect that this list will cross 500 sites in the near future.  Given the large listing, you may want to check out the various Genre pages that I have put together.

I have tried to make certain that all of the eBooks at these sites are legally available for viewing/downloading.  However, it is possible that I have made a mistake.  If you suspect any of these sites of illegally offering copyrighted materials, then please let me know through the comments below.

Putting this together was exhausting, but the list is not exhaustive, so I encourage you to post any sites that you know of that are not listed here.

The listing here is in alphabetical order. Given the size of this list now, it may be easier to search by genre. I have set up 17 pages here of different genres. If you do not see one that covers your interests, let me know and I may be able to put one together.

I have also put together a listing of sites that offer free and legal audio books at

These listings may be searched in the following methods:

Alphabetical Listing
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On the advice of anonymous poster that most public library systems offer free ebooks, audiobooks, and music downloads to their customers for free, I did some checking and found that there are a large amount of offerings available through online libraries.  It appears most, if not all, require a local library card.  These are sites that have links to local library sites.

  • LibWeb is a good search source for local libraries online. A good selection of US and worldwide locations.
  • Public Libraries very good for US, looked not as thorough as LibWeb on worldwide.
  • Internet Public Library also has some links, but I found the above two to be superior set ups.
Genre Pages

Because this page is becoming extremely long I have switched the genre sections to their own pages.  Please check these separate pages out if you are interested in a particular genre as they have some links that have not been added to this main list as of yet and they also have links to audio books.

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