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Amazingly, even in the 21st century, man has yet to master the elusive technology of binder rings. No matter the quality, all binder rings snap into a metallurgic subduction zone, threatening to savage any sheet you attempt to turn. Divorce yourself from the antiquated technology with MyBinder, the mobile app of the week. MyBinder not only efficiently sorts your notes, but provides you the platform with which to take your notes.

The MyBinder homepage acts as a shelf for all the binders you created. You can give each binder a different name and color to better help distinguish your multiple subjects. Every binder contains five different tabs, which you rename as well. You access the binder options by holding down on the binder you wish to alter. You also delete unwanted binders from this option as well.

At the bottom of the main page lies the settings, add binder, about, and company button. The only thing you can do with the setting button (which the developers so flagrantly jacked from the iOS) is change the way MyBinder sorts your list of binders. The add binder option does what you imagine it would do.

What gravitates me towards this app more than other note apps is the spellcheck. When jotting down your notes, you'll get the infamous red lines you find on the likes of MS word. This is a fantastic and uncommon feature in free apps and I am happy to see the feature included here.

While writing down notes, you have the option to highlight parts of you notes that you wish to emphasize. The highlight option resides in the bottom left corner with the email option. When emailing notes, you can choose which tabs you would like to email.

MyBinder— The Free Android App of the Week

For Android
Size: 1.9 MB



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