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You may remember playing Super Mario Brothers in the 80's, you may have discovered it on some online gaming site, you may have played some of the modern Mario games, and searched for it online. Whatever brought you here, you've found what you've been looking for.

Super Mario Brothers was released in 1985, when the concept of gaming was in it's infancy. It was a runaway success, and may even be attributed to the name Nintendo has earned it's self. Being a relatively simple game, it has played host to scores of remakes, demakes, spin-offs, fan games, cameos, and even television series. In the world of freeware, there are litterally thousands of Mario fangames. Here are some of the pretiest, funnest, and all round best gathered nicely in one place for your enjoyment.


Super Mario Brothers X

Super Mario Brothers X is the Mario remake. It comes with over fifty levels spaning across many beautiful worlds. It has five playable characters, expanding from the normal Mario and Luigi into Peach, Link, and Toad. It boasts a wonderful two player story, and battle modes that blend seemlessly. Many extra powerups, a level editor, and hours and hours of gameplay. If that's not enough, it also contains a level editor, and multiple episodes (expansions) that you can download from their website. If you're looking for more modern Mario remake that pays homage to the original classics, this is your best option.

Mushroom Kindom Fusion

Mushroom Kindom Fusion is another exelent fangame. It's not your traditional Mario clone by any means. MKF has 16 characters, and 6 "clone" charecters (Which only differ slightly from their original). MKF has 10 worlds based on various video games. It also coms booked with an enterage of powerups, suits, and items. While it's mechanics are similar, it deveates from the classic Mario theme as you progress. You may ask "what, then, is the downside to this game?" And that would be a good question. At its current state you are, sadly, unable to save your progress.

Mario Forever

Mario Forever is a Mario game that does stay true to the classics. While the levels are different, it follows the same style. It is a rather tricky remake. It is really a great one. If you like any commercial Mario titles, you will like this one. There are no references to other games, or super new gameplay mechanics (couple extra powerups excluded), and it does a great job at staying true to the genre.

SMB Bloody Battles

In direct contrast with Mario Forever comes SMB Bloody Battles. There was a day when all Mario had at his disposal was the ability to jump on the heads, or throw a small flaming ball at them. Now he has guns. Big guns, little guns, and explosives. As you guessed by the title, this game is a bit on the violent side, and probably not suited for childeren. Or anyone.

Super Mario Blue Twilight

A great halloween Mario clone. This game incorperates new elements such as double jumping, wall kicking, and a health meter. It is on the more dificult side of things as Mario games go. It has all the great music, and original powerups.

Super Mario War  = Fan Content

Super Mario War is strictly a deviation of the original. It exists only to be enjoyed in the realm of multiplayer (on the same pc). You and your supposed friends sit down at the same computer screen, and using Mario mechanics, try your hardest to pound the shnoz out of eachother. The game has many many levels, some bent on killing you and some that are a walk in the park. To help you decide your battle grounds a convinent filter is imposed. You are able to outline what you want your arena to be like, and then search for it. If you are not satisfied with the abundant selection of characters and levels aloted to you, check out the fan content.  If, still, is able to capture your eye, you can also create your own levels using the external level editor.

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