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The need for popup stopper utilities has fallen away in recent months as many browsers such as Firefox and IE7 now have this function built in.

If you need a separate popup stopper and have good PC skills, try The Proxomitron. It operates by filtering and transforming all your Web pages on the fly. As a result you can not only stop pop-ups but pop-unders, ads, flash animations, status bar scrollers and just about anything else.

The product's author, Scott R. Lemmon, unfortunately has passed away but support for The Proxomitron continues through its large enthusiast following. This is evident from the main download site which offers several versions of the product including the last version Scott released before his death. The site also has setup instructions, resource links, and lists of sites where you can test whether the product is working.

If you are a novice PC user I suggest you try the Google Toolbar. It has an excellent popup filter built in. It's nowhere near as flexible as The Proxomitron, but it requires no setup. As a bonus it also makes Google searches easier.

The Proxomitron
Download page:
Author: Scott R. Lemmon
Current version: Naoko 4.5
Version date: June 2003
License: Free.
Download file size: 1,380 KB
Operating systems supported: All Windows except Vista (Not tested on Vista so far).
Additional software required: None
64 bit version available: No
Portable version available: No installation needed so is completely portable.
Non-English languages supported: None
Other relevant information:

Google Toolbar.
Download link:
Current version:
Version date:
License: Free for private use.
Download file size: 2.88kb
Operating systems supported: Windows XP/2000 SP3+ Mac OS X 10.2+, or Linux.
Portability: Needs installation. (Takes only seconds).
Additional software required: None
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