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Mar 15 - Mar 21

A rarity of a computer game, that could ever pass the test of time, is this sidescrolling classic platformer, that made it's debut way back in 1985, and is still running even today, to become the most succesfful video game series of all time. surpriseAn ebonpoint friendly plumber in his classic blue and white attire, wearing a  hardhat, sporting a thick black moustache, is a video game figure that no one would easily forget. He goes across different worlds, through countless obstacles, fighting monsters, journeying across land, water, and even space. coolYes, it's none other than Mario, the game that I first touched and grew up with!

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever

GamePlay: Super Mario 3: Mario Forever, is a classic freeware remake of the original Mario game, of the same name. The super courageous Mario faces many fierce challgenges from diverse intrusive opponents again, fighting them, while skillfully avoiding all the lethal traps set for him, and gaining various power-ups across different kinds of hazardous terrains in 8 different worlds, to save the princess Peach from the hands of his arch enemies! cheeky

Why Mario Forever?: The original level design, graphics and sound effects, tells why it's the best fan made Mario remake right now. It has truely the similar atmosphere that you've found in the original. It's sure to give you hours of fun and test your superhuman dexterity and exceptional patience. blushMario forever is adored for its simplicity, combined with great gameplay and challenge to the player, thus providing a fun and exciting experience.

Mario Forever is probably, the best and the most successful Mario clone, that fully present all the features that were found in the original . Mario fans would be pleased that, it remains completly faithful and closest to its clssic ancestor, preserved to the purest as remakes should be.

Note: Ohw! how much I miss Super Mario Bros X, the best fan made game ever, that got shut down, for violating trademark policies, during the past year. Anyway, those who were lucky to download the freeware game, before that time, could probably be the last ones to enjoy the genius game,  because by now, it's been taken down from most download repositeries. Now that its history, Mario Forever takes the supreme most position.

Download: Softpedia

Happy Gaming! See you next week...smiley

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