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There are literally dozens of free stand-alone reminder programs. Even more if you include sticky notes utilities and calendaring programs that offer reminder features. Many, I can assure you, are not worth installing.
Of the nine programs I looked at, Rainlendar is a much slicker product but a tad more difficult to use. Rainlender is not only a reminder program but a very capable "iCal compatible" desktop calendar, though the calendar feature can be turned off. Used as a reminder and "to do" program, it's very feature rich with a really snazzy interface employing things like variable windows transparency, impressive mouse-over effects, hotkeys, and easy skinning. It also has the ability to synchronize events between clients, as well as Outlook appointment integration (Pro version). I liked, too, the way the tray icon shows the current date. Rainlendar Main Screen


Mozilla Calendar MainScreen

Firefox and Thunderbird users also have the option of using the ReminderFoxand Mozilla Calendar extensions which together provide similar functionality. Mozilla Calendar gives you option to synchronize with your online calendar like Google Calendar, letting you to view  your calendar anywhere on web. They also offer the advantage of avoiding the need for running a separate reminder application but at the cost of not having reminders available when Firefox or Thunderbird aren't   running.



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Rainlendar    Rating 8 of 10

Pros   Free Product Complement the Web based application
Cons   Shared calendars are available only for Pro version
Developer Home Page
Download link
File Size   4.24 MB   Version 2.5   License Type Unrestricted Freeware   Installation Requirements Windows 2000 or newer, Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) or newer, Various Linux distros
64 Bit version available   64 Bit version available
Info   A commercial version provides extended abilities to edit Outlook, Google Calendar from Rainlendar

ReminderFox    Rating 8 of 10

Pros   No need for a separate application
Cons   Firefox must be running
Developer Home Page
Download link
File Size   737 KB   Version 1.9.1   License Type Unrestricted Freeware   Installation Requirements Firefox
Info   If you want to support the effort, do not hesitate to make a donation

Lightning    Rating 8 of 10

Pros   No need for a separate application
Cons   Thunderbird must be running
Developer Home Page
Download link
File Size   2 MB   Version 0.9   License Type Unrestricted Freeware   Installation Requirements Thunderbird
Info   if you want a standalone Apps use Sunbird

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