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Download Managers are plenty around the web but a Universal Download manager is rare. EagleGet convieniently falls into the second category. It helps you capture and download any file on the web, and also sniffs streaming media playing on your browser and downloads them. The software supports a wide range of protocols from HTTP, HTTPs, FTP, MMS, RTSP and so on. 

Now the question comes why do you want to use a download manager or specifically what makes EagleGet so special compared to other download managers available out there? 

1. Imagine those situations where you lose your internet connection or your system crashes, it will be difficult to continue those downloads that you were transferring. The multithreaded technology in EagleGet will save you time and your nerves while downloading files helping you to resume any broken downloads

2. The same multithreading technology will increase your download speed greatly, by splitting these files into smaller parts and downloading them simultaneously. 

3. EagleGet integrates into popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE. Not only that, what makes EagleGet so special is it's Universal Capture mode, the clipboard monitoring will work on almost all browsers, meaning any download get's transferred to EagleGet whatever browser you're using. 

4. The Media Sniffer feature is another delight, where you can download streaming audio and video from any website you like in the easiest way possible, where a "Download Now" button will be available while playing. It also provides options for quality of the video to be downloaded if available. 

5. The Batch Downloader feature lets you download multiple url's and thus a whole range of files at an instant. 

Moreover, EagleGet is the only freeware download manager that supports automatic refreshing of expired download links, that lets you resume any broken downloads. The installer is pretty clean with no adware and the interface is extremely appealing. The downloads are categorized into differernt folders for ease of access. With Drag and Drop feature you can re-arrange the priority of downloads. The Scheduler feature helps you take care of your downloads even when you're not physically present in front of your PC. Also you could verify the integrity of all files that's been downloaded. 

Overall EagleGet is realible software to easily manage all your downloads and has a wide array of features that makes any other similar software to shy away. 

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