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Whether it be metrics, currency, or people: anything can be converted. This week's mobile app, GlobeConvert, converts almost anything, just not people.

Convert gives conversion in eleven different categories: area, currency, energy, length, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume, and weight.

Once you have selected the category in which you wish to convert, the conversion page will display. Simply choose the denomination you want to start with and the denomination you want to convert into. After you input your value, GlobeConvert gives you the conversion almost immediately.

If you find yourself consistently using a specific conversion, you can "favorite" that conversion for easier access later.

While this app doesn't offer much else besides conversion, it still serves as a terribly useful reference for just about anyone's mobile.

As this is the free version, advertisements will occasionally pester the bottom part of the screen.

GlobeConvert— The iOS App of the Week

For iOS

Size 5.8 MB


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