Here are the top freeware picks for 64-bit Windows in their various categories. This list will continue to grow as we add new categories and new products on most days. Go to the page index for the category you are interested in or read more about 64-bit Windows by following the links in the related articles. Where a product has a review in another category I will usually provide an excerpt from that review. Other comments will usually relate to 64-bit compatibility and operation.

My primary goal is to find the best native 64-bit applications () in each category. Where a 64-bit application is recommended the Quick Selection Guide will only include details related to the 64-bit version and not the 32-bit version, if any.

The secondary focus of this article is to identify 32-bit applications that are compatible with 64-bit Windows (). These 32-bit applications will usually run slower (due to emulation of the 32-bit environment) but are either the best in their class or have features that will be particularly useful to many 64-bit Windows users.

Although we do mention Windows XP Pro 64, all testing has been under Windows Vista 64-bit and 7 64-bit.

Let me know if you have an idea for an application or category I could cover. Anyone can leave a comment at the bottom of this page, Registered users (free to anyone) can contact me in the forum under Contact Info or may post in the 64-bit Freeware forum.

Best Free Windows 64-bit Software - Page Index
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This list of the best software for 64-bit Windows has 48 categories with 90 products consisting of 51 native 64-bit applications and 39 compatible 32-bit applications. To read brief descriptions of the items, click a page number.
  • Page 1. Introduction and What's New
    What is 64-bit Windows and why should I use it?
    Is my system 64-bit?
    How do I migrate my system to 64-bit Windows?
    How do I run 32-bit software on a 64-bit Windows?
  • Page 2. Home and Office
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Office Suite - LibreOffice | SSuite Office |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Word Processor - Jarte | PolyEdit Lite | AbiWord |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Non-Adobe PDF Reader - PDF-XChange Viewer |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit PDF Writer - Bullzip PDF PRinter | NitroPDF Reader |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit PDF Tools - PDFill PDF Tools |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Electronic Book Reader - Reader for PC |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Personal Finance - Money Manager Ex |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Personal Information Manager (PIM) - EssentialPIM | Pimero Free |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Reminder and To-Do List - Rainlendar Lite |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Notes Organizer - (now testing products)
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Outliner - (now testing products)
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Font Manager and Viewer - FontRunner |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Unit and Currency Converter - Convert |
  • Page 3. Image View and Edit
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Image Editor - Paint.NET | Lightbox Image Editor | GIMP |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Image Viewer - Zoner Photo Studio Free | XnView |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) Editor - Picturenaut |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Digital Image Stitcher - Microsoft Image Composite Editor |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Vector Graphic Editor - Inkscape |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Flow Charter and Diagrammer - yEd Graph Editor |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Image Optimizer - RIOT |
  • Page 4. Multimedia
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Media Player - PotPlayer | Media Player Classic - Home Cinema | iTunes |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Media Centre - XBMC |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Audio Editor - Audacity |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Video Editor - Avidemux |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Music Creator - LMMS |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit CD and DVD Burner - InfraRecorder | Imgburn | Ashampoo Burning Studio |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit CD and DVD Emulator - MagicDisc | Gizmo-Drive |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit CD and DVD Ripper - HandBrake |
  • Page 5. Disk and File
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Disk Defragmenter - MyDefrag | Defraggler |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit File Manager - Q-Dir | MultiCommander | Double Commander | Q-Dir |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Folder Synchronizer - FreeFileSync | SyncToy |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Disk Cleaner - CCleaner |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Program Uninstaller - Comodo Programs Manager |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Data Recovery and File Undelete - Recuva |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Secure File Eraser - Eraser | CCleaner |
    Best Free Windows File ZIP and Archive - 7ZIP | PeaZip |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit System Information - SIW | PC WIzard |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Registry Tools - CCleaner | Wise Registry Cleaner | Free Registry Defrag | Registrar Registry Manager Lite |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit PC Tune-up - Glary Utilities | SysInternals Suite |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Built-in System Tools - Resource Monitor | Problem Steps Recorder | PowerShell |
  • Page 6. Desktop and GUI
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Screen Session Recorder - CamStudio |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Icon Tool - Iconoid | IcoFX |
  • Page 7. Security and Privacy
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Malware Scanner - Microsoft Security Essentials | Avira Antivir Personal Edition | Avast! Free Antivirus | SUPERAntiSpyware | MalwareBytes Anti-Malware |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit On-demand Malware Scanner - Hitman Pro | Emsisoft Anti-Malware | Trend Micro HouseCall | SUPERAntiSpyware Portable |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Firewall - Comodo Firewall | Windows 7 Firewall Control |
  • Page 8. Internet and eMail
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Browser - Firefox | Pale Moon | Waterfox | Internet Explorer |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Email - ThunderBird |
  • Page 9. Network, Website & Server
    Best Free Windows 64-bit FTP Client - Null FTP |
  • Page 10. Programming
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Programming Editor - Notepad++ | Bluefish |
    Best Free Windows 64-bit Color Picker - Color Cop |
  • Page 11. Education and The Arts
  • Page 12. Games

What's New: Currently testing Outliners and Notes Organizers. Items added or updated:
9 December
Flow chart and diagram:NewyEd Graph Editor
6 December
CD and DVD: NewInfraRecorder
4 December
PIM:NewEssentialPIM , NewPimero Free
2 December
On-demand malware scanner:NewHitman Pro , NewEmsisoft Anti-Malware , NewTrend Micro HouseCall , NewSUPERAntiSpyware Portable
21 November:
DVD Ripper: NewHandbrake
Icon Editor: NewIcoFX
20 November:
Web Browser: NewWaterfox , New64-bit browser plug-ins
Media player: NewiTunes
Scripting tool: NewPowerShell
19 November:
Image optimizer: NewRIOT
Color picker: NewColor Cop
17 November:
Word Processor: NewJarte , NewPolyEdit Lite , NewAbiWord
Programming editor: NewBluefish
15 November:
Programming editor: NewNotepad++
Media centre: NewXBMC
Firewall:NewComodo Firewall
14 November:
System Information:NewPC Wizard
Media player: NewMedia Player Classic - Home Cinema
Session Recorder: NewCamStudio
eBook: NewReader for PC
Malware: remove Ad-Aware, NewMicrosoft Security Essentials ;
Disk and File; NewMultiCommander , NewFreeFileSync
12 November:
Images: NewGIMP ,NewZoner Photo Studio Free , NewXnView
Calculations: Convert , NewSpeedCrunch
10 November:
Media player: PotPlayer
9 November:
Web Browser: NewPale Moon
8 November:
Uninstaller: NewComodo Programs Manager
Web Browser: Internet Explorer , Firefox
7 November:
Media players and editors: NewPotPlayer , NewLMMS ,New Audacity ,NewAvidemux
CD and DVD: NewImgburn , NewAshampoo Burning Studio , NewMagicDisc , NewGizmo-Drive
6 November:
Image software:NewLightbox-Image-Editor , NewPicturenaut ,NewMicrosoft Image Composite Editor
Vector Graphics: NewInkscape
5 November:
Office Suite software: NewLibreOffice , NewSSuite Office
PDF software: NewNitroPDF Reader , NewPDFill PDF Tools
Personal Finance software: NewMoney Manager Ex
Currency Conversion software:NewConvert
To-Do List: NewRainlendar Lite
Font software: NewFont Runner

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