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2011 was an amazing year as far as freeware games were concerned. Game designers researched and carved out a bunch of unique games, we could probably define a whole new genre based on each one of them. surprise It’s quite interesting to see, how much burning passion that these developers are having, creating awe-inspiring new projects for the gamers, and that too completely for free! Now it’s time for us, to get a hold on each one of these games, and entertain us for many more weeks to come. wink

The ordering and ranking of the games could be highly subjective and may vary from person to person. Nevertheless, I've tried my best to be unbiased as a game reviewer, as I've considered the most fatal decisive points for comparing various games. These were the factors that I mainly concentrated on,

Excellence in 6 major categories:

  • Design
  • Gameplay
  • Audio
  • Visuals
  • Innovation
  • Replayability / Addictivenes 

It was actually, next to impossible, to find games that had all these qualities at once! cheekySo I had to depend on, combination of these factors to determine how they fare. Let's not forget that, this is after all, the Gizmo's Editor's Choice List for the Best Freeware Game of 2011. Let's say, X's choice may vary. 



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