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   9. Best Free Phone and Messaging for Android

Best Free Dialer for Android
Dialer One
(681 KB)
Better than the default Phone app, it comes with a smart T9 dialpad with speed dial, simultaneous search on calls and contacts, horizontal swiping to navigate between call log, contacts and favorites.
Best Free Contact Manager for Android
(602 KB)
Speed up searching contacts by favorites, alphabets or groups, send email or SMS to groups, complete with T9 speed dials, advanced call log, setting for grid or list view and more. Ads free.
Contact Group Manager (Free)
(558 KB)
Easily search for a contact by group, organization or title, manage contact groups, send emails or SMS to a person or group, set group ringtones and icons, etc. The free version is supported by a small ad.
Best Free Messaging Client for Android
(2.38 MB)
Easier to find a contact or group to send an SMS or MMS with useful features such as message popup, quick reply, messages and folders view, emoji support and more. A good replacement of the default Messaging app.
Best Free Browser Texting for Android
MightyText - SMS from Computer
(206 KB)
Enjoy receiving and sending SMS from your PC's browser using your phone number, just like you normally would on your phone but without touching it. Unlimited SMS, supported only on Chrome with the MightyText extension installed.
Best Free Instant Messaging for Android
Meebo IM
(291 KB)
Chat with friends and family on multi-protocol IM networks including ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace, Jabber, Meebo and more. Small file size with clean and clear design, easy to use.
Best Free Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for Android
(7.52 MB)
Make free Skype-to-Skype calls over 3G or WiFi network on the move, or cheap calls to landlines or mobile phones at Skype rates. No video calls is available and some handsets may not be supported.
Tango Voice & Video Calls
(4.03 MB)
Make free voice and video calls over 3G, 4G and WiFi network on the move. From my contacts, it automatically finds the friends I can Tango. More mobile devices are supported but the desktop client has yet to be developed.
Best Free Voice Activation for Android
Vlingo Virtual Assistant
(3.55 MB)
Why type when you can say something like call Charlie mobile, text Katie message are you free, search best freeware, or find coffee shops in Cambridge...? Check out what this smart app can do the next for you.
Best Free Call & Message Filter for Android
(481 KB)
Block unwanted calls and SMS easily and effectively by adding a call number to a black list from your contact, call logs, message logs or manually. Features include auto reply, logging and other various options. An exception list is limited to the paid version.
Best Free Profile Changer and Automator for Android
Llama - Location Profiles
(946 KB)
Annoyed at your phone going off at midnight? Use this handy app to switch your phone profile to silent or quiet mode automatically during preset time. You can also add more events such as turning off Wifi or taking other actions on the conditions you set.

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