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   8. Best Free Internet and eMail for Android

Best Free Web Browser for Android
Dolphin Browser HD
(2.8 MB)
A powerful browser with multi-tab browsing, bookmarking and syncing, multi-touch zooming, back and forward navigation, better HTML5 support, versatile add-ons, optional mobile view and many more features. (Review)
Opera Mini
(892 KB)
A good alternative to Android's Web Browser to provide fast pageloads as it uses powerful servers to compress Web pages by up to 90% before sending them to your mobile device, with Speed Dial to get you to favorite sites quickly too.
(1.57 MB)
Gives you more features with tabbed browsing, loading pages as an Android user agent or desktop browser, support for HTML5 flash videos, easy access to Facebook and Twitter news feeds, various useful settings and more.
Maxthon Browser
(2.0 MB)
A fast and handy browser with supports for tab browsing, gesture commands, forward and backward navigations, full-screen browsing, favorites manager and sync, download manager, add-ons and many more features.
Best Free Webmail for Android
(2.5 MB)
A dedicated Gmail application with email pushed automatically to your phone. Supports for multiple Gmail accounts, search and access synched messages when offline and other common features.
GMX Mail
(2.8 MB)
Access your GMX mails on the go using this official app optimized for your mobile device. The app also includes a Mail Collector for you to read and send emails from your multiple email accounts, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and more, all in one place.
Best Free Email Client for Android
K-9 Mail
(1.83 MB)
A powerful and open-source email client for replacement of Android's default Email app, supporting standard protocols such as IMAP and POP3, with search, push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, signatures, bcc-self and more.
Best Free Download Helper for Android
Download All Files
(151 KB)
Tried to download a file but greeted with the message Content not supported? This app helps you download all file types (except for streaming media) and save email attachments to your SD card.
Best Free News Reader or Feed Aggregator for Android
Pulse News
(1.9 MB)
Manage your news sources in tabbed pages, browse stories by sliding visual mosaics and tap one to read in full. What's more? Add stories to your accessible on the Web, or share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.
World Newspapers
(1.5 MB)
Take a few you like from a directory of thousands of local and international newspapers, magazines and websites, and add them to your favorites for reading with optimized display. You can also download webpages for offline viewing, mark Read It later, etc.
Google Reader
(1.66 MB)
Follow all your favorite news, sites or blogs all in one place, share them with your friends, discover and search for feeds, and sync them with the Web version so all your reading lists are always up to date.
Best Free Bookmark Manager for Android
Read It Later Free
(1.9 MB)
Ever come across an article you'd like to read but can't at that time on a browser? Add it to your Read-It-Later bookmark list from your PC or mobile, and this app downloads articles in the list to your Android device for offline reading. Advanced features are limited to the paid version.
Best Free Web Search for Android
Google Search
(608 KB)
Search the Web, as well as the applications and contacts on your device, with this official Google Search app and get search results and suggestions instantly as you type.
Google Goggles
(1.78 MB)
Snap a picture and search the web for the info you want—either it's barcodes, print ads, landmarks, books and DVDs, contacts info, logos, some text to translate or even Sudoku puzzles to solve.
Best Free Navigation for Android
Google Maps
(5.59 MB)
An excellent mobile mapping app to get directions to go from one place to another, search for any business or place to find more info, or see where your friends are right now on the map and so on.
Best Free Weather Alert and Monitoring for Android
GO Weather
(3.2 MB)
Monitor live weather conditions and forecasts at your location or other places you selected from around the world, with a desktop widget, video or image background, alert notification and other features. No ads.

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