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   5. Best Free Disk and File Tools for Android

Best Free File Manager for Android
File Expert
(1.03 MB)
A powerful file manager with all basic file operations and supports for bookmarks, sharing files via network, backup or uninstall programs, zip or unzip files, media file detection and more. Better still, it's lightweight with no ads.
ES File Explorer
(1.56 MB)
Explore files on your device, LAN shared and FTP servers in a list or icon view with settings such as theme and layout, search files by type or name, plus app manager, SD Card Analyst and other optional modules.
ASTRO File Manager
(2.19 MB)
Manage your files in Icon or List view with sorting, bookmarks, searching and other common features, plus some useful tools like checking SD card usage by folders. On the downside, the free version comes with a small ad.
Best Free Storage Manager for Android
App 2 SD Free
(153 KB)
Take a glance where the apps are installed and move them from internal storage to the SD Card to save limited space on your device. Also clear the cache to make more space. The free version is supported by a small unobtrusive ad.
Best Free Online Backup for Android
(3.0 MB)
Upload and access files from your Android, and sync them between your computers and mobile devices on the go. Easy to use—tap a file to view or press and hold it to access the menu for managing files and sharing links. (Review)
Best Free App Backup for Android
App Backup & Restore
(157 KB)
Easily backup your installed apps to your SD cards, send apps to friends via email, or upload to Dropbox if already installed. Others features include restore or uninstall apps, auto backup, share market links, check app details and more.
Best Free File Encryption Utility for Android
File Locker
(200 KB)
Protect your files from unauthorized access by encoding the content and file names as well. Smart searching through folders for documents, locked and unlocked files is a plus but it can't unlock a file that has been renamed.
Best Free File Cleaner for Android
1Tap Cleaner
(268 KB)
A handy tool to free up more internal storage space on your device by clearing cache files, data files, search and navigation history records. Also includes a default cleaner to list default apps and clear their settings.

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