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Fighting/Beat 'em up

After a remarkable 8 long years of development here's a tribute to the entire saga of the Sega MegaDrive or Genesis series. Streets of Rage Remake merges all the three Streets of Rage games into one enormous omni basher from lines of code entirely written from scratch. The original sprites of the game have been ripped, adding new moves. by 10 designers and the music have been remixed by 5 different musicians. The stages are either new or competely redesigned. The sheer scope of the project includes 103 stages, 40 cutscenes, 19 playable characters, 64 enemies and 8 different enemies, so there's plenty to keep you entertained.!

LF2LF2 is a popular freeware PC fighting game for Windows and a sequel to Little Fighter (LF1). The game is hugely popular and especially is the fan favourite for a simultaneous hot seat/network game. The little street fighters have amazing, distinct and diverse special powers that can be unleashed through different combo keys. Different sets of items fall to the ground that can be used to replenish your health or to hurt your opponents.There are different modes to play the game (VS, Stage, Championship, Battle, Demo), various artistic environments and upto 8 human players can be involved in the game. Various fan made versions of LF2 are also available and listed in download mirrors above.

A 3D cross-platform, 3rd person action game featuring Turner,an anthropomorphic rebel bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills. Lugaru employs skeletal animation with ragdoll physics and hand-and-face expressions, where attacks and counters reversals are based on timing and context rather than different key combinations. The fighting system is based largely around close combat, and also includes knives, swords and staves during combat. Stealth also plays a key role to win the fights. The graphics are great, which includes motion blur making fast movement easier to track and other effects, like blood splatter on hit knocking out a couple of teeth, wall cracks when smashing an enemy onto it


Other great games in this category:

  • Toribash - Toribash is an innovative fighting game based on the physics sandbox model where YOU design the moves! Try Wushu, Sumo, Kick Boxing, Sambo, Swords, Judo and more. (Site | Download
  • OpenBor Mods - Beats of Rage is a freeware open source old-school beat’em up game and moddable game engine made by Senile Team and inspired by Sega and SNK game series. OpenBOR is the open source continuations of Beats of Rage and provides additional functionality not available in the original Beats of Rage game. (Site | Wiki & Downloads)

Maze Game 


Pinball Game


Platformer (Action)

Cave Story is really one of those games that can be considered a masterpiece of game design. The developer, Pixel spent five years making this game as fun and as great as it is by adding solid controls, smooth gameplay, a great cast of characters and dialogue, an interesting plot, good music and beautiful old-school 2-D artwork. And on top of all this added multiple endings, several boss battles, tons of items to collect, all kinds of added secret bonuses and special challenges, various and considerably different methods of playing through the game depending on your actions, competition ranking features and an extremely high replay value. Cave Story is by far the best freeware game I have ever had the honor of playing through and certainly one of the best games I've played.

Iji is an action-packed strategic platform shooter with a detailed story, large levels with multiple paths, powerful bosses and lots of secrets. There are alternate gameplay events, dialogues and scenes depending on what you do, a wealth of extras and bonus features, and seven stats to upgrade through a leveling system. Iji herself has superhuman strength and abilities, and can crack Nanotechnology, use her enemies' most devastating weapons against them, and be a pacifist or a killer - the story adapts to how you play. There are 8 mainstream guns, combining standard firearms unlocks 8 additional weapons. Iji gains experience points and gains a level when enough are collected and an upgrade station is used to increase her skills, abilities and armor.

TAGAP 2 continues the story of cyber-penguins Pablo and Pedro, who now have joined forces. Following the events of TAGAP, our waddling heroes stumble on even bigger zombie penguin army, spearheaded by general Primo, the most epic cyber-penguin ever! More advanced and better equipped, Primo and his troops are going to accomplish what their predecessors failed to achieve; To conquer the world! Pablo is more able than before tossing grenades, using new vehicles, utilizing electro-magnetism and being more bad-ass, while Pedro provides back-up via air strikes. Not only that, but if you have a game pad your friend can assume the role of Pedro and join you side-by-side in split-screen co-op play.

Other great games in this category:

  • Hero Core - A great platformer with black and white graphics where the protagonist get to the center of the asteroid base, and defeat the Machine Warlord, Cruiser Tetron. (Site | Download
  • Gun Girl 2 - A freeware action platformer in the style of games like Metroid, Castlevania or Cave Story. But with blood… LOTS of blood (Site | Download)
  • I Wanna Be the Guy - A sardonic loveletter to the halcyon days of early American videogaming, packaged as a nail-rippingly difficult platform adventure. (Site | Download)
  • Pixel Force Halo - From the developer of the fantastic Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead comes a retro de-make of Halo, mirroring the events of Halo: Combat Evolved in ten 8-bit levels. (Site | Download)
  • Legend of Princess - A Zelda like action game that has its levels change slightly depending on your equipment. (Site | Download)


1. FPS (First Person Shooter)

One of the most popular multiplayer (offers single player too) action games of all time, TF2 is a creation from Valve Corporation. Nine distinct classes provide a broad range of tactical abilities and personalities, and lend themselves to a variety of player skills. No matter what your style and experience, there's a character for you. Detailed training and offline practice modes will help you hone your skills before jumping into one of TF2's many game modes, including Capture the Flag, Control Point, Payload, Arena, King of the Hill and more. Tweak your favorite class to suit your gameplay style and personal taste.

One of the most realistic games ever, and winning 3 Guinness World Records for largest travelling game simulator, largest virtual army and most downloaded war game in 2008, AA2 is a multiplayer (single player available) round based tactical shooter game with the player acting as a soldier in the U.S. Army, with combat at squad-level with multiple fireteams.. Created and designed by the United States Army, this adrenaline-packed multiplayer game is in a class all its own in terms of its realistic game play and military detail.

Tribes 2 is a fast paced 3D combat type FPS over a huge area. Set in the year 3941, Tribes 2 allows the user to play as a soldier in one of several factions (referred to in the game as tribes), such as the Children of the Phoenix, the Blood Eagle, the Diamond Sword, and the Star Wolf. Players can also choose to play a rebelling human-created soldier/worker race called the BioDerms. The game can be played in FPS and TPS modes. Game modes include capture the flag, deathmatch, rabbit-chase, and various others.

Other great games in this category:

Area51 - Played from the perspective of the protagonist, Ethan Cole, first starts out with intense combat where the player has several AI teammates with him versus hordes of mutants. (Site | Download)

Xonotic - A fast paced, free and open source FPS game, Xonotic combines an addictive, arena-style gameplay with rapid movement and a wide array of weapons. (Site | Download)

Cube 2:Sauerbraten - This multiplayer/singleplayer shooter, built as a major redesign of the Cube FPS, allows map/geometry editing to be done dynamically in-game, to create fun gameplay and an elegant engine. (Site | Download)

WG Realms 2: Siege Breaker - An action packed single player shooter that is a total conversion of Duke Nukem 3D with 3 huge levels with some of WG's best work to date. (Site | Download)

Urban Terror - Urban Terror can be described as a Hollywood tactical shooter; somewhat realism based, but the motto is "fun over realism". This results in a very unique, enjoyable and addictive game. (Site | Download)

OpenArena - A community-produced deathmatch FPS, OpenArena many game types supported including Free For All, Capture The Flag, Domination, Overload, Harvester, and more. (Site | Download)

2. TPS (Third Person Shooter)

Hidden and Dangeours Deluxe

3. Top Down Shooter






Focus (Site | Download)

Focus is a platformer game with a teleporting mechanic by Jesse Venbrux. Use your focus powers to avoid missiles by slowing down every object within the focus field! The longer you hold the focus button the smaller the circle becomes, hence your teleport range will shrink until it is no longer possible to perform the feat. The focus power regenerates itself once you stop using it for some time. You need twitchy fingers for this game. With over 50 stages, unlockables, enchanting music, and above all very solid, it's difficult-but-let’s-try-one-more-time game and very addictive too. On completion, players receive a rank and a medal to honour their achievement.  

Viriax (Site | Download)

Be part of the Viriax infection and show humans who set the rules in the Earth. Infect important organs one by one, and destroy the ultimate defensive hope of humanity, the Nanobot Assembly System, implemented as a chip near the brain. Reach the organ core to infect it, but watch your energy level: each time you move up or attack you will lose part of your energy, as also you will lose a bunch of energy if you get hit by an enemy cell. Collect red globules to keep your energy full and think when it's a good moment to stop and make some points.

Super Crate Box (Site | Download)

Grabbing crates was never this difficult! In Super Crate Box, your objective is just to get hold of the crates that appear one-by-one on the multi-layered platforms in each level. Each crate has a random hidden weapon that you can use to blast your enemies. After a set milestone of grabbing crates, a new weapon gets unlocked which tends to be more destructive. During the quest you'll have to dodge or kill various enemies who fall from the top and move along the platforms and finally gets engulfed in a fire in the middle of the lowest platform, but reincarnating themselves as a red demon. 

Other great games in this category:


RunMan: Race Around the World - Run through 35+ levels across 6 unique and preposterous zones in this speedy platformer game that has colorful, bright and crudy graphics! (Site | Download)

Hydorah - This space adventure game features lots of short and intense levels with fantasy spacial landscapes, unlockable weapons, secrets, and a large library of enemies and bosses . (Site | Download)

Spelunky - This is a randomly generated cave exploration / treasure-hunting game, where the goal is to grab as much treasure from the cave as possible. (Site | Download)

Warning Forever - This is a fixed space shooter game, where strategy is the key to win the game. The bosses grow stronger and more intelligent as you advance. (Site | Download)

Chalk - Unique shoot 'em up that involves drawing. Draw lines across shapes to destroy them, turn back bullets at enemies and thwart huge boss enemies by bouncing stuff back in their faces! (Site | Download)


You’re transported to an eerie island, to a high security penitentiary on death row that’s crowded with slews of bad-guy’s, for a crime you probably havn't done. As if pitch black cell walls or sure death wasn’t enough, the prison is haunted with horrific monsters and grotesque ghostly figures who kill the in-mates and the prison guardians alike! Chaos erupts and you’re left to gamble for your life as you fight to escape the unleashing of penitentiary’s gruesome secrets in a challenge more terrifying than death itself. The game features nine levels, frightening character morphs, and more than 10 deadly weapons from the shiv to the tommy gun to aid in the survival of this freakish nightmare!! 

In Penumbra the player finds himself in an underground base on Greenland, searching for his lost father. It's an adventure horror game, free from classic FPS elements, with an emphasise on puzzle solving and exploring. Constantly on your toes you will never know what to expect, with no weapons how do you protect yourself? The game uses advanced artificial intelligence to respond realistically to noises and light. Not only is it powered by a 3D engine utilising cutting edge technology, it also has an advanced physics system which allow for a never before seen environment interaction, puzzles and combat.

  • Erie

Erie drops you into a visually stunning, yet terrifying scenario where your goals are to investigate, survive, and finally escape. It’s first person horror meets intense dark-ride with hidden, rotting cats. Erie begins in October 1966, when the Fermi 1 Nuclear Power Generator suffers a partial meltdown, and locals begin disappearing from a sleepy Michigan town. Oliver Victor is a Red Cross Investigator sent to find missing locals, but quickly finds himself trapped underground and being hunted by a product of forced-mutation experiments. Oliver’s rescue mission quickly turns into a struggle to survive, escape and uncover what’s been happening under the nuclear plant on the shores of Lake Erie.


You play as Shaun Randall, an ex-military who loses his  legs during an accident, and bound to a wheel chair for life. Trasferred to a mental hospital after a suicide attempt, a therapist had compassion for you and gave an injection that euthanized you and made it look like a suicide. In that sleep of death...what dreams may come? The game features sureal gameplay in the dreams of Shaun Randall, 4 Weapons with different qualitys and weaknesses, loads of riddles and puzzles, plenty of horrorsequences and a disturbing athmosphere.



  • SCP Containment Breach is a free survival horror game(still in alpha) written in Blitz3D . You are playing as one of the workers of an SCP Containment Site, when something goes wrong and you find yourself trapped inside the dark building with several escaped SCPs. Features a randomly generated map thus every playthrough is different (Site | Download)

Other great games in this category:

  • Which: A short and creepy game where you look for a way to open the door out of the small house. (Site | Download)
  • 1213 (Series): A psychological adventure in the style of Flashback, as in running shooting climby up ledges etc. It's about an amnesiac who wakes up in a cell not knowing how he - hey, where're you going? (Site | Download)
  • Candles: Nasty imp creatures have taken over your house, and you need to move careful around, lighting candles to scare them all away. (Site | Download)
  • All Our Friends Are Dead: An atmospheric run and gun platformer designed at every possible point to unnerve you. ( Download )

Interactive Fiction

1. Graphic Adventure/Point'n Click

Abe Lincoln Must Die is the 4th episode in the series. It is a graphical adventure game that has cartoonish 3D graphics, challenging puzzles, clever humour and writing, and a set of unconventional characters. It has a point and click interface with a low learning curve. The gameplay is quite intuitive with environment exploration (clicking hotspots/highlighted items) triggering item descriptions or interactions and dialogue choices providing values for humor as well as clues for puzzles having logical solutions. You may also use the items that you've discovered onto other items or characters by selecting the item from the inventory and clicking it on the target.

Kings Quest III Redux is an animated graphic adventure game that resumes from where it's previous remake King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones ended. Featuring stunning new background artwork, an innovative digital musical score, high quality voice-acting, and a number of refinements and additions, this is easily the best installment in the series. Experience a new adventure engulfed in a magical story book interface like never before. Command powerful spells against wind and weather. From lush green meadows to snowy mountain peaks danger abounds on your journey homeward. 

The Chzo Mythos series is a series of amateur adventure games made by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. It is a four-part series centered around the fulfillment of the prophecies of Chzo, a wicked pain elemental, and his attempt to create a Bridge between the two realms of Magick and Technology throughout many centuries. The game ties together the events of 5 Days a Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic with the events of Trilby's Notes and 6 Days a Sacrifice. While the former two have traditional point'n click interface, the latter requires the player to move with the keyboard & type commands with a text parser. 

Other great games in this category:

  • Beneath A Steel Sky - This is a classic, and must-play futuristic adventure game with a well written story, beautiful graphics, effective music and addicting gameplay. (Site | Download | ScummVM)
  • Out of Order - A comedy thriller, with high resolution and high color graphics and an adventure that goes across 30 rooms that took 3 years to make. (Site | Download)
  • The Journey Down: Over the Edge - A twisting tale of intriguing adventure (Site | Download)
  • Ben There, Dan That - This one is a knockabout point-and-click comedy game, in the vein of the old classic Lucasarts adventures. (Site | Download)
  • The Museum of Broken Memories - A story set in a museum and about war, death, love, friendship, imprisonment, the scars we all bear, and the way to freedom. (Site | Download)

2. Text Based/Narrative

Blue Lacuna is among the largest text-based interactive stories ever produced, a full-length novel and adventure game in one. As a wayfarer, you will find new worlds to explore, complex characters to befriend or anger, choices to make that affect the fate of worlds, and a story whose ultimate meaning and resolution is defined by you. Blue lacuna features dynamic room descriptions, complex characters, a novice friendly keyword navigation system, a drama manager and even provides a choice between story & puzzle mode for your tastes. 

Lost Pig is a text adventure game about an orc named Grunk and a pig who would much prefer to remain lost. The story is told entirely from Grunk's perspective, in his own words (just words — no pictures), so the player gets to experience the world through Grunk's unique point of view. It's entirely up to you to figure out how he's going to find that pig and get it back home. Along the way, you'll get to discover a lost underground shrine, solve a few puzzles, practice your conversational skills, and maybe even learn a thing or two about alchemy.

Calm down. All you have to do is write a thousand words and everything will be fine. And you have all day, except it's already noon! Violet is a one room puzzle game where the protagonist has to write a thousand words for his dissertation. If that doesn't happen his girlfriend, Violet has threatened to leave him. He also faces a number of distractions which includes a view of the whole campus through the window, and a computer with access to blogs and webcomics. The protagonist hence must reconsider and risk wrecking his carrer and relationship.

Other great games in this category:

  • Aotearoa - An entire continent of untamed wilds, and the last place on Earth where dinosaurs still roam. If only you'd come ashore under better circumstances...(Site | Download)
  • Slouching towards Bedlam - In the beginning was the Word, and it was hungry. Enter a steampunk adventure set in a London that might have been.....And in the darkness - in the alleys and the side shops - hide secrets. (Site | Download)
  • Blue Chairs - A party...You're offered a mysterious green fluid...Passes out....Awoken by a man who brings phone message from long-lost love..The adventure begins...Is it a hallucination or a reality? (Site | Download)
  • Vespers - A horror themed morality game, the game actively encourages the player to take the evil path and hence decisions taken, create multiple endings. (Site | Download)
  • Suveh Nux - You play a magician's servant who gets trapped in your master's vault; you'll need to learn some of his tricks if you want to get out. (Site | Download)


3. Visual/Graphic Novels

Katawa Shoujo is a bishoujo-style visual novel set in the fictional Yamaku High School for disabled children, located somewhere in modern Japan. Hisao Nakai, a normal boy living a normal life, has his life turned upside down when a congenital heart defect forces him to move to a new school after a long hospitalization. Despite his difficulties, Hisao is able to find friends—and perhaps love, if he plays his cards right. There are five main paths corresponding to the 5 main female characters, each path following the storyline pertaining to that character. The story is told through the perspective of the main character, using a first person narrative. The game uses a traditional text and sprite-based visual novel model with an ADV text box. 

Death waits for us all, there’s no one who can avoid that. Nevertheless, life goes on and the world keeps moving. But what of those who are thrust into the position of being the ones waiting for death, unable to participate in the moving, living world? The 7th floor, the hospice. In that ward, Yuu and Setsumi meet. One, a college student only recently thrust into the life of a long-term hospital patient. The other, so used to the detached life of a hospital patient that she rarely shows emotion, or even interest in life. With nowhere else that they could go, nothing else to do but watch television in the lounge, the only thing that moves are the days. There, their journey begins…

This is an ordinary tale of the ordinary days spent in an ordinary town by an ordinary girl who learns that everything in this world is extraordinary ― or that nothing is. For in this world, there is a young man named Blackiris; a Mnemonicide par excellence. And there is a young girl named La; sweet and warm and gentle in all the ways that count. This is their story. True Remembrance has high production value, warm artistic direction, and an intricately-woven story combine here to create a piece that must be experienced, no matter how new (or not) one is to visual novels.

Other great games in this category:

  • Brass Restoration - Takiguchi Ryo a genius percussionist in high school loses his left arm in an accident and throws away his dreams and music. Will he be able to find hope in his life inspite of his handicap? (Site | Download)
  • Re: Alistair++ - An Otome visual novel where Merui a video game lover is seeking revenge against Alistair for stealing a rare item from her while playing an MMORPG online. (Site | Download)
  • Digital: A Love Story - A ground breaking computer mystery/romance narrative set five minutes into the future of 1988. (Site | Downoad)
  • Red Shift - Find outhow the most selfish girl in the world and the most selfish boy in the world make peace. (Site | Download)

Platformer (Adventure)

In An Untitled Story, you begin as an egg in your nest, and the rest is up to you to figure out. Fight 18 unique bosses, traverse a huge game world, and unravel a mysterious storyline. There are 5 different difficulty options for players of varying skill levels. Also included is a multiplayer capture-the-flag-style Heist mode. Hook up a USB gamepad before starting! Once you complete the game on the fourth difficulty level, the final difficulty level will be unlocked. At this difficulty, any hit will kill you instantly; hearts are only present for 100% completion.

Treasure Adventure Game is a huge, open-world, platform adventure game. The game is stocked with treasures, secrets, puzzles, characters, quests and a whole lot more. You're a sailor searching for 12 enchanted items with the treasure maps and compass coordinates. You will be exploring the world; talking to characters and performing quests, finding hidden crests on land, underground or underwater. The weather might be rainy with lightning bolts at times and clear during the other, a day-night cycle, where different stores open only at certain points of the day, the same applies to the characters.

Within a Deep Forest is a freeware 2D platform game for Windows featuring challenging gameplay, beautiful music, an evil doctor, and a deep forest. The game  is set in a post apocalyptic world Two attempts have been made to build a bomb, capable of freezing the entire world. The first was a failure, and resulted in a living blue ball. The second attempt was a success. Now the clock is ticking, and the world is in grave danger. That is, unless.....find out while playing. You are The Ball, and it's your mission to deactivate it, else the whole world will freeze, killing all living beings! 

Other great games in this category:

  • Knytt Stories - Each level has its own little adventure. One level is included with the game, where you have to stop a machine that draws the life out of the planet. (Site | Download | Expansion Pack)
  • Eternal Daughter - An epic platform game and a homage to Super Metroid & Castlevania: SOTN with innovative and varied challenges and tough enemies. (Site | Download)
  • La-Mulana - You play a whip-wielding archaeologist with many different areas to explore and dozens of items and weapons to find. Each area has a large variety of puzzles and traps. (Site | Download & Patch)
  • Frogatto and Friends - An old-school 2D platformer game, starring a certain quixotic frog, a big adventure with all the classic fun - you fight monsters, collect coins, talk to people, and buy new stuff. (Site | Download)
  • Escape from the Underworld - Play as a fallen angel and explore a vast cave system, slowly building your power so that you can escape to the surface. (Site | Download)

Best Free Mario Fan Games

Super Mario Bros X

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever



A fast-paced, frenetic, one-step-away-from-chunky-death melange of sneaking, platforming, hacking and cursing. Hide in the shadows with a real-time shadowing system! Evade a wide range of eagle-eyed lethal robotic foes! Hack your way to the exit... and to the next challenge! Squeeze through doorways mere seconds before you're sliced into pieces! Die in a variety of gruesome, cruel ways! Create your own fiendish deathrooms and share them with the world - all in the game! Shave seconds off your playtimes and rule the global leaderboards!

In The Art Of Theft, the player controls Trilby in a 2D stealth adventure as he embarks upon a number of daring high-profile heists in various outposts of wealth and power across Chapow City. With an arsenal of thief skills at his disposal, he must lift the trinkets and valuables of the idle rich while making as little fuss as possible in this platform game with mission-based stealth gameplay. As a younger, more arrogant, more complacent Trilby, your goal is to infiltrate a variety of buildings, steal loot, achieve objectives and get out again with the subtlety of a flickering shadow in a ninja outfit.

N is an award-winning 2D action/puzzle platformer reminiscent of lode runner: you're a tiny stick figure running around in a puzzle-y world inhabited by enemies. But in N, there's a twist: the ninja is driven not only by a thirst for gold, but also by a sweet physics simulation. Expect to encounter death frequently, animated with bitchin' ragdoll physics. Inadvertently homicidal robots, evasive ninja and a whole whack of style! N includes a built-in level editor, called Ned. You can make your own levels to share with the community or hoard for yourself.

Other great games in this category:

  • Merry Gear Solid Series:  A top down stealth action game that plays like a simplified version of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series with full featured AI with sight and hearing, ranking system, full voice acting and original music. (Site | Downloads 1 2)
  • Kleptocracy: A 3D cartoony, fast-paced action game from Digipen students where you play as a thief involved in a competition with his peers to determine who the best thief in town is. (Site | Download)
  • Diety:  A 3D stealth action game from Digipen students inspired by games such as Diablo, Torchlight and Batman: Arkham Asylum, encompassing stealth action in an isometric view. (Site | Download)








Play guitar, bass or drums along with your favorite songs on your computer using either your keyboard or instruments. Coloured square-shaped markers synchronized with the song appear on the player's screen, and are played by holding the fret buttons that correspond with the correct colour and pressing one of the pick button at the correct moment. A set of correct hits increases the score multiplier, which multiplies the points for every hit.. Separated audio tracks will mute when you fail to hit or sustain the required notes correctly resetting the multiplier to simulate a real concert-playing experience.  

A free OpenSource karaoke game. You sing to the music with the lyrics displayed on the screen. When singing you see the sing bars and you have to hit them by singing properly. The game scores you: the better you sing, the more points you get. Once you finish your song, you can compare your scores with your friends. UltraStar Deluxe allows users to create their own songs. In party mode it allows up to twelve players to sing along to your favorite music in order to score points, depending on the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of singing. There are more than 10.000+ songs already available. 

StepMania is a free dance and rhythm game for Windows, Mac, and Linux featuring 3D graphics, keyboard and "dance pad" support, and an editor for creating your own steps. Gameplay: when the arrows scrolls upwards and meets stationary target arrows according to the beat of the song, the player presses the corresponding arrows on his or her keyboard or dance mat. Scoring follows by how synchronously player triggers the arrows in time to the beat of the song. The player's efforts are awarded by letter grades and a number score that tell him/her how well they have done. 

Other great games in this category:

  • PhaseShift: Like Frets on Fire, a rhythm based music game thats in constant development. A great alternataive to FoFx. (Site | Download)
  • Opera Slinger: A video game designed by a team of 10 students over the course of 10 months. Setting itself apart from with its key mechanic of pitch detection, Opera Slinger combines the singing fun of karoke with elements of classic action platforming. (Site | Download)
  • Synthesia: A fun way to learn how to play the piano. (Site | Download)







BLOCKSUMBrainSplode is all about rockets and busting some alien brains! They came to suck the life out of the planet, but they didn’t expect to be BrainSploded! As the game progresses, more stages are added to your rocket allowing for complex and exciting manouvers! Then, choose your own configuration to burst the brains! 

BLOCKSUMBLOCKSUM is a very new typed action puzzle game for everyone who can add numbers to 20. Joining the blocks will create a larger block numbered summation of blocks. There are no limits to the number of blocks you can join, but you can never split them again. Gather as many blocks as you can that are numbered the same, and they start to blink until the blinking blocks destructs completely for maximum points. The blocks continues to rise up while stacked and the game is over when no more blocks can be placed. 

FarshPlayers must roll a farsh (carpet) along floating and switching platforms to the red box along each level. The carpet can unroll if you push it the wrong way. Here, unrolling is just a part of the secret to navigating your way to the exit. Players must plan even more carefully when the game introduces one-time use green platforms. 



Other great games in this category:

  • Quadrax Series: With over 100 very hard levels, the objective is to collect all crystals and then to go to the exit by toggling switches, moving stones, opening doors, moving lifts and so on. (Site | Download)
  • Brain Workshop: Brain Workshop is a free open-source version of the dual n-back brain training exercise. What if a simple mental exercise could improve your working memory and fluid intelligence? (Site | Download)
  • The Sense of Connectedness: Player controls electrical impulses that springs forth from the ego, and by flipping neurons you guide them around the brain, illuminating different areas bit by bit, to push the story forward. (Site | Download)
  • Puzzles (increpare): Win the game by reaching the goal without tripping any lasers. (Site | Download)

Related Categories:

Best Free Sudoku Puzzle, Generator and Solver

Best Free Tetris Game

Platformer (Puzzle)

SuteFThe successor to Fetus, this puzzle platformer is both unique as well as bizarre. Aramas, a soggy little man, has 3 measly abilities (jumping, crate pushing and grappling), that you have to use to progress through 5 sets of exceptionally good puzzles, which become increasingly complex. You'll have to save him from this hellish dimension by using his paltry abilities in a plurality of ways, using your brains. You will have to exploit the spatial impossibilities, of the falsified dimension that SuteF brings, to reach your goal.

Floating Islands GameFIG is a lemmings-like puzzle platformer hybrid where you guide a brainless guy through 35 islands by communicating with the environment around the guy. The game comes with a tutorial, so do not worry if you don't understand what to do in the beginning! 

Karoshi 2.0The basic idea behind the original Karoshi was completely counter-intuitive to most games: in every level you must FIND A WAY TO KILL YOURSELF, but this time it requires more outside-the-box thinking than ever. It was harder than it seemed! In Karoshi 2.0, creator Jesse Venbrux extends that metaphor across 50 more levels and an epic boss fight. Includes level editor and timed version of the original Karoshi. 

Other great games in this category:

  • Logi-Gun: The game requires the user to skillfully use it's 6 different guns to proceed through the levels along with some deft platforming, flicking switches, throwing levers, opening doors and generally solving puzzles. (Site | Download)
  • The Illusionary Persistance of Love: Players can swap Mint and Periwinkle's position who are bound by a rigid link of love, and are destined to forever spin and bounce around each other.
  • Flail: An 80 stage physics-based platformer with two player co-operative gameplay. Also comes with a level editor with meticulous stat-tracking and unlockables. (Site | Download
  • FinCK: FiNCK (Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer) is a two dimensional platformer inspired by a certain 8-bit Nintendo game. (Site | Download)








Role Playing



  • Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of AscendancyToME 4 (Site | Download) (With Shockbolt's tile set)

Tales of Maj'EyalTales of Maj’Eyal (ToME) is a free, open source roguelike RPG, featuring tactical turn-based combat and advanced character building.  You are an adventurer, seeking your fortune in the open world, investigating ruins and mysteries in search of riches and powers. Play as one of many unique races and classes in the lore-filled world of Eyal, exploring random dungeons, facing challenging battles, and developing characters with your own tailored mix of abilities and powers. With a modern graphical and customisable interface, streamlined mechanics and deep, challenging combat, ToME offers engaging roguelike gameplay.



Dungeon CrawlDungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a free roguelike game of exploration and treasure-hunting in dungeons filled with dangerous and unfriendly monsters in a quest for the mystifyingly fabulous Orb of Zot. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup has diverse species and many different character backgrounds to choose from, deep tactical game-play, sophisticated magic, religion and skill systems, and a grand variety of monsters to fight and run from, making each game unique and challenging.



Dwarf FortressDwarf Fortress is a single-player fantasy game. You can control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated, persistent world. The world is randomly generated with distinct civilizations spanning centuries of detailed history, hundreds of towns, caves and regions with various wildlife. he world persists as long as you like, over many games, recording historical events and tracking changes. Command your dwarves as they search for wealth in the mountain. Play an adventurer and explore, quest for glory or seek vengeance. 


  • King Arthur's Gold: Think the creative aspects of Minecraft, plus the fortress-building mechanic of Dwarf Fortress, plus the strategy of Age of Empires 2, plus the fast-paced class-based craziness of Team Fortress 2... with all the unnecessary elements trimmed off, wrapped up in some cross-platform goodness and sprinkled with tasty, tasty pixels. (Site | Download)


Other great games in this category:

  • DoomRL: Doom, the Roguelike is a fast and furious coffee-break Roguelike game, that is heavily inspired by the popular FPS game Doom by ID Software. (Site | Download)
  • ADOM: You control a fictional character to succeed in a difficult quest, exploring previously undiscovered tunnels and dungeons, fight hideous monsters, uncover long forgotten secrets, and find treasures of all kind. (Site | Download)
  • AngBand: You take the role of an adventurer, exploring a deep dungeon, fighting monsters, and acquiring the best weaponry you can, in preparation for a final battle with Morgoth, the Lord of Darkness. (Site | Download)
  • NetHack: Falcon's Eye: Falcon's Eye is a mouse-driven interface for NetHack (one of the oldest games) that enhances the visuals, audio and accessibility of the game, yet retains all the original gameplay and game features. (Site | Download)
  • Desktop Dungeons: A quick-play roguelike puzzle game that gives you roughly 10 minutes of dungeon-crawling action per serving with randomly generated dungeons are different every time you play. (Site | Download)


Turn Based 

The Spirit Engine 2

Runesword I and II

Dark Disciples I and II

Ultima 4 Part 2

Real Time




1. City Building

LinCity-NGLinCity-NG is a city simulation game. The player can develop a city by buying appropriate buildings, services and infrastructure. It is a polished and improved version of the classic LinCity game. In the game, you are required to build and maintain a city. The simulation considers population, employment, basic water management and ecology, goods, raw materials, services, energy and other constraints such as finance, pollution and transports. You can win the game either by building a sustainable economy or by evacuating all citizens with spaceships. 

OpenCityOpenCity is a full 3D city simulator game project. In the game, the player builds a city by marking land as commercial, industrial or residential zones. Those zones depend on each other to grow. The player is also required to supply the city with power and connect the different zones by building roads.

Unknown HorizonsUnknown Horizons is a 2D realtime strategy simulation with an emphasis on economy and city building. Expand your small settlement to a strong and wealthy colony, collect taxes and supply your inhabitants with valuable goods. Increase your power with a well balanced economy and with strategic trade and diplomacy. Find new islands, trade routes and resource deposits to raise your city's wealth and extend your reach. Painfully trouble your enemies with strategic pinpricks and take advantage of all their little mistakes to solidify your position.

2. Business/Tycoon

OpenTTDOpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon the popular Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features, enhacing the game experience dramatically. In game the player aims to earn money through transportation of passengers and freight by land, water and airThe game has bigger maps, stable multiplayer mode for upto 255 players both co-operative and competitive, custom AI, downloadable customizations, reworked airport system, improved teraforming etc. 

Ore No Ryomi 2Ore No Ryori 2 is a superb sequel to a great PC remake of a Sony Playstation game, Ore no Ryouri. In game you must buy foods for your restaurant, prepare customers' orders correctly, and serve them to customers perfectly before they get annoyed and leave. There are over 70 recipes you can cook, including beers, soups, steaks, sandwiches, nachos, and pizzas to name but a few. At times you will be robbed and you must chase down the criminal in order to retrieve some money. After the restaurant closes for the day you put on the manager's hat and can purchase menu items or upgrades for your restaurant. 

SimutransSimutrans is an open-source transportation simulation game. Your goal is to establish a successful transport company and build the necessary infrastructure to transport passengers, mail and goods between cities, factories and touristic attractions by land, air and water. In Simutrans you have multiple choices from the start to the end. There are Lots of graphics packages to choose from as well as vehicles and cargo. The game offers extensive customization, you can build and create your own world. Simutrans also lets you play multiplayer. 

Other great games in this category:

  • Food Force 2: The game has been designed to educate and motivate people and uses a intriguing story plot to aware people about hunger related problem in under developed nations. FF2 mixes strategy and simulation. (Site | Download)
  • Chart Wars 3: The game puts you in charge of your very own record company, your task is to manage a label, attract bands and manage the lives of the band members and competing with intelligent computer opponents. (Site | Download)

Life (Sims)

Cart Life (Site | Download)

Cart life is a simulator game which showcases the lives of street vendors in a small city which is located in western United States. Each of the playable characters has specific goals, and special traits, but also unique addictions which the player must accommodate in order to succeed within the game. Permits are required, but expensive. Is it worth risking a fine without operating one? The player also needs to accomodate their customers by paying attention to different tastes, buying habits and level of patience. Most customers will tip well when their order is filled quickly and accurately, so do your best.  


1. Flight

Wing Commander SagaIn game, you assume the role of 2nd Lieutenant David Markham. Fly patrols, work with your wingmen, and struggle to survive as the final battles for the fate of humanity begin to unfold. The Saga Prologue sets up the tone and the story for the epic struggle and apocalyptic finale you will experience in the full release of Wing Commander Saga. The game features breath taking, high detail models, dozens of believable characters, bountiful mission variety, complex and compelling storyline and complete voice acting by the orginal cast. 

Battlestar GalacticaDrafted and pressed into service, your only hope of survival is to fall in line and train to join the ranks of the elite Viper pilots of Battlestar Pegasus. Get a taste of the action that awaits you in the upcoming main campaign with intense single- and multiplayer missions. Will you become one of Pegasus elite, or will you give your life in the vast, cold battleground of deep space? A three mission single player campaign depicting never-before-seen events, interwoven with and true to the series storyline. The game features original characters and voice acting. 

Flight GearFlightGear is an open-source flight simulator. The goal of the FlightGear project is to create a sophisticated and open flight simulator framework for use in research or academic environments, pilot training, as an industry engineering tool, for DIY-ers to pursue their favorite interesting flight simulation idea, and last but certainly not least as a fun, realistic, and challenging desktop flight simulator. With FlightGear it is possible to choose between three primary Flight Dynamics Models. The game has an extensive an accurate world scenery data base and sky model. 

Other great games in this category:

  • Orbiter: A free and realiastic flight simulator that gives you an idea what space flight really feels like - today and in the not so distant future. (Site | Download)
  • Babylon 5: I've found Her: IFH is the computer game project maintained by Space Dream Factory, based upon the popular Sci-Fi TV show Babylon 5. (Site | Download)
  • Star Wrath 4: Reviction: The game includes a diverse single player campaign of over 25 missions, random instant action, and built-in mission editing. Also includes 4 multiplayer modes. (Site | Download)
  • Wing Commander - Privateer Gemini Gold: A remake of the 1993 hit game, with a new graphic engine and real 3D space flight.  (Site | Download)
  • No Gravity (Space Girl): A fantastic and futuristic universe made of five intergalactic worlds. An arcade type game with great playability, where it is easy to plunge into space battles against spacefighters, space stations and more ! (Site | Download)

2. Racing

Trackmania Nations ForeverFirst and foremost, you simply drive on fun tracks boosting ramps, wallrides, loopings and gigantic jumps. Then you can make much more out of it: improve your driving skills and become a world champion, achieve world records, build tracks, edit videos and easily share all that with everyone. It fuels 7 different racing environments; hundreds of thousands of tracks and millions of players to compete with. You can download the car you are dreaming of, paint it, drive it through insane tracks made of loopings, ramps and off roads. It is all about you, your driving skills and the track in front of you.

TORCSTORCS is a highly portable multi platform open car racing simulation. It features many different cars, tracks, and opponents to race against. It is also possible to drive with the mouse or the keyboard. Graphic features lighting, smoke, skid marks and glowing brake disks. The simulation features a simple damage model, collisions, tire and wheel properties, aerodynamics and much more. The game play allows different types of races from the simple practice session up to the championship. Enjoy racing against your friends in the split screen mode with up to four human players.

VDriftVDrift is a cross-platform, open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind. This game is in the early stages of development but is already very playable. Currently the game features over 45 tracks based on famous real-world tracks, over 45 cars based on real-world vehicles, yery realistic, simulation-grade driving physics, fully modeled tracks, scenery and terrain, basic replay system and much more. The game features enjoyable and challenging gameplay accurately simulatng vehicle physics in rich and immersive racing environments. 

Other great games in this category:

  • Generally: A freeware arcade racing game that is played from a top-down perspective, that features 1-6 players, 12 cars, 36 tracks and thousands of mods. (Site | Download)
  • Speed Dreams : an Open Motorsport Sim: A fork of the open racing car simulator Torcs, aiming to implement exciting new features, cars, tracks and AI opponents to make a more enjoyable game for the player, as well as constantly improving visual and physics realism. (Site | Download)
  • SuperTuxKart: A 3d kart racing game where you can play with up to 4 friends on one PC, racing against each other or just try to beat the computer. (Site | Download)
  • Ultimate Stunts: A remake of the famous DOS-game stunts. Racing involves some really spectacular stunts, like loopings, corkscrews, bridges to jump over, etc., and you can design your own tracks! (Site | Download)
  • ManiaDrive: A free clone of Trackmania and is an arcade car game on acrobatic tracks, with a quick and nervous gameplay), and features a network mode, as the original. (Site | Download)
  • Dolphinity Racer: A free car simulator project, using high-end car physics to achieve a realistic feeling and an excellent render engine for graphical realism. (Site | Download)




4X (Civ)







Real Time

WarZone 2100


EndGame: Singularity

Command and Conquer 

0 A.D


Turn Based

Battle for Wesnoth

Planet M.U.L.E

Triple A

UFO: Alien Invasion 
(others UFO 2000, OpenXCom)





Interactive Art/Experimental


De Blob (


Educational (Math, Typing)

Food Force 2


Grand Theft Auto I and II
Numpty Physics
The Powder Toy
Crayon Physics
Boulders Never Die
Garden Gnome Carnage

Best of Digipen

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Nitronic Rush
Narbacular Drop
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