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MapMyRun app iconMapMyRunBefore we run on to the review proper, I must admit I loathe the act of running. The alleged endorphins I create during exercise to enjoy my time either lack in potency or simply don’t exist. Nevertheless, it would be unintelligent to believe everyone shares my interest and disinterests. For those interested in running, you may want to try this mobile app of the week: MapMyRun.

MapMyRun serves as a physical trainer, keeping track of your nutrition and exercise. When you ask MapMyRun to record your run, it times your progress as well as tracks your movement via GPS. At the end of the run, the app will notify you of your mileage, time and calories spent. If you don’t have a route in mind, MapMyRun holds numerous lists of paths ran by other users nearby you. MapMyRun keeps a log of your workouts, enabling you to measure against yourself and beat your times.

Nutrition-side, MapMyRun gives you dietary information based on your dietary intake. The app gives you a prescribed amount of calories and how much of each vitamin you need to maintain a healthy diet. This part of the app doesn’t function nearly as well as an app completely dedicated to dieting, but it still gives you a general notion of how much you should be eating. And, more importantly, very few nutrition apps take into account your specific exercise routine.

The app offers a “friend” mechanic which can let you friend other app users (easier if you connect this app with Facebook). From this you can view your friends’ workouts and how they’re managing their daily calories. I find this to be a rather odd and intrusive, but I didn’t get Instagram either and that proved fairly popular.

If you cycle, this review lamentably does nothing for you. Try this developer’s sister app: MapMyRide instead.


MapMyRun — Free Mobile App of the Week

For iPhone
Size: 26.3 MB

For Android
Size: 6.9 MB


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