An enhanced dictionary and thesaurus showing word classes, definitions and synonyms, with access to Wikipedia, Wiktionary and WordWeb Online.


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License: Free (Limited features)

Pros & Cons:

Simple usage, popup with powerful word's meaning and synonyms, find words by pattern match or dictionary adjacency, additional online features.
Missing anagram solving and wildcard word matches.

Our Review:

I've been using WordWeb for a while now and have seen enough to say this will be one of the rare utilities I review that ends up staying on my PC. WordWeb is an enhanced dictionary and thesaurus. I say "enhanced" because it does some tricky extra things like showing only the relevant synonyms and related words according to whether they are noun, verb, adjective or adverb. It can also find words by pattern match or dictionary adjacency.

Usage is simple; just select a word in any document and click the WordWeb tray icon. Immediately you'll get a pop-up with the word's meaning and synonyms. Additional features like "Wikipedia", "Wiktionary" and "WordWeb Online" can only be accessed if you're online. I recommend that it is best that you explore these amazing features yourself.

Overall, it works efficiently and elegantly to help you find the just right word to use in your written reports. WordWeb is free for personal use and a Pro version with an enhanced dictionary costs a mere $29 and is well worth buying.

A portable version is available by choosing the Advanced Options during install in Windows. WordWeb can also be accessed online and it has a mobile version for both Android and iOS.

WordWeb was reviewed by on based on version 7.