Words Story


Words Story

An addictive word game with a storyline to pursue and explore.


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License: Free (Ads)
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Easy to play, word puzzles with a storyline, complete with challenging crossword puzzles, support for offline play.
Supported by ads in each level of game.

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Words Story is a word puzzle game with 1,000 levels that progressively let you explore a story how a man can escape from the prison.

By solving the puzzles in each level, you will see that the prisoner takes the next step to freedom and the game unlocks the following level of puzzles for you to continue.

The gameplay is simple. Tap letters to spell a mystery word to gain virtual coins, or tap a wrongly entered letter to erase it together with any other letters behind it. You can also blow up letters that are not in the mystery word and make the puzzle easier to solve, but at a cost, it reduces the number of coins you have earned each time you apply a hint.

Alongside the main game, the app also provides challenges for you to solve crossword puzzles with different gameplay -- simply swipe through the letters to form a word in the puzzle. In this section, the puzzles are more difficult than the main game but hints are also available.

Allowing for offline play, this game is supported by ads but free to play with virtual coins that you can obtain by solving puzzles, watching ad videos, claiming free gifts or through real purchases.


Find Joy To Set The Prisoner Free In This Addictive Word Game

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